Raw carrots health benefits are quite high. Carrots are a important vegetable, because of the high level of Vitamin A. Carrots health benefits are known to prevent macular degeneration because of the high amounts of vitamin A. Carrots aren't just high in vitamin A, but made up of others sources of vitamins and minerals. A good amount of vitamin K, and vitamin C are found in carrots. A high about of fiber, potassium, and manganese is found are found in carrots to provide good bone structure. This article will show you the many health benefits of carrots.

  • Raw carrots health benefits for skin care: A lot of skin creams contain a lot of vitamin A. A product line called yes to carrots is based on improving your skin, body, hair, etc... Carrots have a high amount of vitamins, which benefit your physical appearance. You can buy skin products containing carrots, or make your own carrot face mask.
  • Carrot face mask recipe: Apply 4 carrot sticks, two cucumber slices, and 4 strawberries. Add a egg white and a little vitamin E (half a teaspoon). Mix in a blender, and apply to your face. Leave it on your face for 15-20 minutes, then wash with warm water.
  • Raw carrots health benefits for improved eye vision: Vitamin A plays a role in improving eye vision, and preventing eye disease like macular degeneration. Some say that carrots improving vision is a myth. However, the high amount of vitamin A, minerals, and fiber help boost your bodies immune system and improve blood circulation to the eyes. Vitamin A is transformed into beta-carotene in the body. Deficiency of vitamin A can increase your risk of macular degeneration. Macular degeneration is the leading cause in blindness.
  • Raw carrots health benefits for lung health: Those who tend to smoke should eat more carrots. Incorporating carrots into your diet can help prevent lung cancer. Lung cancer is one of the lead death rates of cancer. The high amount of vitamin A help protects the lungs and prevents damage free radical attacks. There's no conclusive evidence to suggest, but according to Dr. Waun Ki Hong, University of Texas, vitamin A might reverse some of the damage in the long caused by smoke.
  • Raw carrots health benefits prevent colon cancer and other forms of cancer: Carrots play a part in protecting colon cancer, and providing a healthier digestive system. The phytonutrient known as falcarinol can help prevent colon cancer, according to the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry. Carrots contain a good amount of dietary fiber.
  • Carrots can contribute to reduction in lung cancer and breast cancer. Falcarinol protects the body from harmful diseases. Studies have been done on laboratory rats with developing cancerous tumors. The rats that eaten carrots were less likely to develop full growing tumors. Vitamin A and beta-carontene is anti-cancer.
  • Raw carrots health benefits for lower blood pressure, diabetes, prevent heart disease, and lower cholesterol. The beta-carotene antioxidant can prevent a lot of diseases in the body. The vitamin A and falcarinols fight off free radical attacks.