Ray-Ban Avaitor sunglasses like the popular RB3025 typically retail in-store and on the Ray-Ban website for between $150 to $200. What most people don't realise is that this is actually very overpriced (or maybe they do realise but they buy them anyway)! 

It is actually possible to get Ray-Ban RB3025 Aviators for under $100 if you know what to look for. Certain color and size options are cheaper if you buy them from Amazon, this is because of overstocking (which does not occur in stores). Having a great pair of Ray-Ban RB3025 Aviator Sunglasses for under $100 is a great way to get the cool factor with out selling a limb. 

Ray-Ban invented the aviator-style sunglasses in 1936.  Through their use in movies like Top Gun and Cobra they became wildely popular. The are iconic of cool playboys, rebellious fly-boys and hard-ass action heroes.  More recently they are even finding popularity with females as a stepping out rebellious fashion statement. Ray-Ban Aviators have been around for eighty years and they wont be going out of fashion anytime soon!

In this article I will go through how and where you can get the best deal on the Ray-Ban RB3025 Aviators. Remember: Never pay full retail price!

Stick to Pairs That Are 20% to 30% Off on Amazon (or Better)

Ray-Ban RB3025 Aviator Sunglasses for Under $100 BlackCredit: Amazon.comIf you want to get a pair of Ray-Ban RB3025's for under $100 then the first thing to note is that you should only look for ones that are at least 20% off. Anything less 20% off and they should still be considered overpriced. Remember, we are not here to fall for the 'premium' pricing marketing strategy that Ray-Ban sells so well on.

To find ones that are 20% to 30% off on Amazon mouse over the differnent color options in the Amazon listing for the RB3025 Aviators and the discount will display next to the price for each.

Remember: Never pay full retail price on anything!

Go for Free Shipping

Don't forget to factor in the shipping costs when trying to buy Ray-Ban Aviator sunglasses for under $100 - otherwise you could end up paying close to retail anyway! Some color options and sizes will say "This item ships for FREE with super saving shipping" on Amazon. These are the pairs that you want to go for to get the best price. You can further increase your savings by combining multiple items in one order - for example by buying sunglasses, a wallet and a hat all at once.

Gradient Lenses Cost More

Ray-Ban Aviators with gradient lenses (shift from dark to light from top to bottom) are typically $120 to $150 - thats essentially retail price! If you are trying to get a pair for under $100 then stay clear of these ones, they are overpriced.

Polarised Cost More

Just like gradient lenses, polarised lenses will push the price for a pair of Ray-Ban RB3025's up above the $100 mark. I'm not really a fan of Polarised anyway, they have good advertising but they can cause you to see distortions on screens like on an iPhone which can be quite annoying. They are also terrible for motorcycle riding - you cant see through a helmet visor properly becuase of the rainbow distortion. They can be useful for fishing as it is a bit easier to see past water glare, but unless you fish a lot avoid Polarised lenses and save $20 to $50.

Mirrored Lenses Cost More Too 

Another lense color option that raises the price you will have to pay on Ray-Bans is mirrored lenses. They may be great for keeping your eye movements at the beach subtle but if you can learn to be inconspicuous in normal lenses then you can save a bit of money!

Colors that are Often Under $100

Certain lens and frame colors typically go for under $100 - keep an eye out for these:

  • Gray/Green Lenses
  • Gold Frames
  • Gunmetal Frames
  • Shiny Silver with Brown Gradient (note that this is one of the only gradients for under $100 - a good choice if you want gradient lenses) 

Sizes That are Often Under $100

Certain sizes are sometimes cheaper than others, they are typically the ones that are made in higher quantities rather than the less common ones. This is because they increase the costs to offset low sales volumes on the less common sizes. If you have a larger or smaller head size then average then unfortunately you will have to pay this extra cost if you want sunglasses that fit properly (recommended). 

55mm and 'one size fits all' are often the best sizes for finding Ray-Ban Aviators for under $100.

Notes on Amazon for Ray-Bans

Ray-Ban CaseCredit: Amazon.comAmazon is the best choice for Ray-Bans RB3025's for under $100. This is because of the overstocking that happens and because of the stronger buying power of Amazon over smaller stores (they can pass the savings on to shoppers - and they do). They also come with everything you would normally get in a store (cases etc). 

Other Places to get Ray-Bans for Under $100

Occasionally stores will have overstocked sunglasses from a previous season which they will mark down to sell quickly. There is a bit of luck involved in finding these however. Ask the store clerk if they have any old pairs in storage.

Alternatively you can check out the Ray-Ban website for pairs that are reduced to clear. However, because this is the most obvious method they are usually snatched up pretty quickly.

Ray-Ban RB3025 Close Up View

Always Make Sure You Buy the Real Thing

Ray-Ban AviatorsCredit: Amazon.comThere are a lot of fake Ray-Bans floating around but these cheap copies are of a much lower quality and are missing a lot of the details that make the Ray-Ban RB3025 Aviators so awesome. Be careful buying from smaller websites and never buy from market stalls! Safe options for purchasing Ray-Bans are the Ray-Ban website, in authorized resellers (stores) and Amazon.


I hope this article has helped you in your efforts to find Ray-Ban RB3025 Aviators for under $100. Remember: Never pay full retail Price!