Razer has this trend of naming their mice after snakes, and the aged diamondback is no different. It is a common species of water snakes found throughout United States (Central) and northern mexico. They also happen to be non venomous unlike many of its micey counterparts. It was one of the pioneers that led to the line of pc gaming mouse out in the market today.

It is a laser mice that tracks at 1600 dpi, and is known for being one of the few mice that are truly symmetrical. It has nothing to fancy besides 7 buttons. There is also a mac pro solutions available where it comes in white. Both mice are the same although the pro solution is marketed at designers. They would use it in conjunction with a tablet as they slowly work through their Photoshop. There has been an upgrade for the infraed sensor, bringing it up to 1800 dpi.

Being out in the market for so long, it is one of the few pc gaming mouse that are available for left handers at so low a price as retailers clear their stock. If you install the driver, it is also possible for you to bind macro commands to it.

Being symmetric and having left handed people as a secondary market, you can also flip the click functions of the mouse. i.e. left click turns into a right click.

It is however more of a claw grip mice instead of a palm grip mice, and the left click right click buttons are huge.

The bad thing about it is that it has had variable build quality, and some come out really horribly. Sometimes the laser might just wonk out and you would have to send it back for a replacement.

It seems the laser might burn out if its hooked 24/7, as gaming mice do not have a sleep mode unlike other laser mices. These days there may be better alternatives out there for a left hander mice, perhaps in the razer krait.