Razer as a Company

Razer is a company created on the basis of making the best gear for gaming of all types, from MMOs to FPS games. They certainly deliver. With the meticulous care put into each piece of equipment designed and the absolute quality, they are arguably one of the best, if not the best, companies out there for gamers. They develop all types of gaming equipment, from headphones to mousepads and keyboards. So far, I have no real downsides or anything to say about them that's subpar to other companies. I've received nothing but good times with the equipment I've purchased from the company, and the few times I've called customer service I've been received by helpful and friendly associates. The one problem I've had was squared away quickly and easily(Was a problem with Windows 7, you know how it is.). The particular piece of equipment I'd like to talk about is the mouse I've purchased and used for almost two years: The Razer Naga Epic.

Razer Naga Epic

Razer Naga Epic

The Razer Naga Epic is an MMO gaming mouse of incredible power and precision. The mouse has a thumbpad of twelve programmable buttons on the right side as well as two additional buttons on the top of the mouse and a programmable mouse scroll with individual scroll locking positions. I suppose it's a bit of a downside if you're left handed, as this mouse is intended for a right-handed individual. There are also three different attachable sides to the mouse for different grips, depending on how you hold it, from relaxed to the claw grip. The mouse comes with a base to plug it into to charge if you happen to use it wirelessly, though I recommend using it wired due to the faster response time on the already lightning speeds of the mouse. When you install the mouse, you can go to their site (www.razerzone.com) to download the Razer Naga program, which will allow you to fine-tune your mouse to your likings, from individual button controls to sensitivity and even pre-programmed macros for anything you can think of, even if it's not gaming-related. The program will also allow you to save different gaming profiles that you can switch to whenever you like for when you switch from your favorite MMO to that FPS you enjoy fragging in. The profiles have on-the-fly sensitivity swapping in the case that you need to switch it up a bit. Not to mention it's durable. I haven't had any trouble with this mouse over the past two years I've had it, and it still works like a charm.

Some Tips

  • Keep it clean. I'm not sure about any of you, but I like to have a few snacks while I'm playing my games at three in the morning, and that's caused a bit of gunk to build up around the thumbpad. Be sure to clean it out every once in a while, like every other piece of equipment you use.
  • Play on a level surface. Make sure you aren't holding the mouse where it is, make sure it stays when you take your hand off of it.
  • Use wireless mode every once in a while. This will allow your battery to stress itself and prolong its life expectancy. An unused battery corrodes quickly. Corrosion is bad.
  • Keep the cord on a flat surface. If you have it hanging over the back of your desk or something along those lines, the cord can start to fray and could possibly expose the delicate wires inside. This is bad.
Razer Naga Epic Rechargable Wireless MMO PC Gaming Mouse
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