The Razor Back 150cc UTV for kids is something you might want to consider as you look for a great side by side for youth riders, especially if you don’t have the money for the Polaris RZR 170.  This is truly a good alternative to keep in mind.  In this article, I’d like to review some of the features of the Razorback 150cc UTV side by side and even do a basic comparison to the RZR 170.  How good are these things?  I was quite surprised by the quality the off brand seems to have.

Top Speed Claims

Most makers of off brand UTV’s and four wheelers love to falsely inflate the top speed of their utility vehicles.  It’s a common practice in the industry.  To my surprise, the Razor Back will deliver what is promised.  This is a good sign, since the company isn't telling fibs to potential customers.  This happen too often with most off brands.

With a top speed listed at 35 miles per hour, depending on the weight of the rider(s), this one is pretty close.  My son has a Chinese four wheeler, 150cc, which tops out near 35 with a rider of about 120 pounds.  With the extra weight of a side by side, you might only get 32 miles per hour out of it, but this is very close.  Add a second rider and you’ll be in the 25-28 range, which is faster than it sounds, especially if riding on uneven terrain.  This was the first thing to impress me with this model and it was great to see.  I fully expected to see the typical claims of 60mph, which is complete garbage.  I was pleasantly surprised and it started out my research on the right foot.

Weight Capacity

The weight capacity on this utility vehicle is 400 pounds, which is actually pretty substantial for a youth model.  The claims of quality steel tubing used in manufacturing are obviously correct and accurate.  Many youth models have a weight capacity of under 300 pounds.  Obviously, two average sized adults would not overload this unit.  Even the Polaris RZR 170 cannot make this claim, which is a really nice surprise.

Length, Width, Height

87” X 45” X 56” are the overall measurements.  This is in line with other makers and somewhat larger than most cheap Chinese side by side utility vehicles.  It’s a good size which is likely to last for several years as your child grows.  It would be appropriate for two teenagers, but probably not too large for two smaller riders, making it a good option for almost anyone.

Razorback 150cc UTV Lighting

To my surprise, these things come with high and low beam headlights, brake lights and turn signals.  It’s a nice feature and more areas are starting to require safety lights to ride on the trails.  This will help to ensure your ride is trail legal and you won’t get tickets.

Additional Features

Individual adjustable seats, ground clearance of six inches, and a decent safety harness are all included with the unit and are very much competitive with even the major makers of side by side UTV’s. 

Razor Back 150cc UTV vs. Polaris RZR 170

First and foremost, you will pay at least $1500 more for the Polaris, so it’s safe to assume you will get a little better level of quality, making it hard to do a true side by side comparison.  Still, if you are trying to determine which is right for you, taking price into account, you will want to consider the following.

The top speed isn’t listed from Polaris, but those with GPS systems, which can tell you speed pretty accurately, claim it to be around 35-37 miles per hour. This sounds right to me, and I’m someone who knows something about these things.

The size specs are listed at 85 X 48 X 55, which makes it a little shorter in length and height, but a few inches wider than the Razor Back 150.  Generally, Chinese all-terrain vehicles are much smaller and narrower than the major manufacturers, but this one is very close.

The basic safety and lighting features are about the same, but the RZR doesn’t have turn signals.  In addition, the RZR only has running lights, not high and low beams.  In addition the ground clearance is the same, coming in at six inches. 

For some reason, Polaris doesn’t state the weight capacity on their website, but according to many owners, the manual claims the weight capacity to be at only 150 pounds per rider, for a total of 300.  I was very surprised by this.

Parts are going to be a major concern for most people.  I believe you will find parts you need for the Razorback, but this assumes they use a very similar engine to the other 150cc ATV’s on the market.  This is probably a fair assumption and even if not, you should be able to find them, but it probably won’t be nearly as easy as walking into a dealership to buy them off the shelf.

In the past, getting tires for off brands was rather hard.  To my surprise the Razor Back 150 and the RZR 170 by Polaris both have the exact same size front and back tires.  This is actually a pretty big advancement in the off brand industry, which had previously used slightly smaller tires, in unusual sizes, in an effort to keep production costs low.

I don’t think it would be truly possible to do an accurate side by side comparison of the Polaris RZR 170 and the Razor Back 250, since the only way to truly put them to the test is to own them both for years and put them through the ringer.  However, the Razor Back 150cc UTV for kids seems to have all the bells and whistles, and then some, in this head to head comparison.