If you want to give your kid the ultimate riding machine this Christmas, the Razor Electric Ride Ons is the way to go. They feature a huge line of products that any kids would love to have. From They have action packed go-Karts, mini motorcycles, dune buggy's, dirt bikes, and rocket pockets all at an affordable price. Here is some of what they have to offer.

For some four wheeling fun you can't go wrong with the Razor Dirt Quad. It packs a lot of bang for the buck. First of all, it features a hour of continuous use. It is geared for climbing with its high-torque motor and gearing ratio, droop travel rear suspension, and twist grip acceleration. As for looks, it offers an authentic dirt quad powder coated tubular frame geometry with shatter resistant plastic fairings, adjustable riser handlebars with hand operated rear disc brakes, padded seat, and vertical storage. It also has 13" pneumatic knobby tires and a 24V sealed lead-acid battery system. It is recommended for those speeders that are 8 years old and older, and is priced at around $470.00.

There is nothing like having your own ride. The Razor Dune Buggy can take you there. With an electric spin put on this classic, it can travel up to 9 miles an hour with 45 minutes of continuous use. It features a high-torque motor, twist grip acceleration, and 8" knobby pneumatic tires. It is complete with Bucket seats and seat straps and will carry up to 120 lbs. With an attractive design and priced at around 440.00, it's a steal. It is perfect for those 8 and up.

Then there is the Razor Ground Force and the Razor Ground Force Drifter. Slide into this low-rider style go-Kart style frame for maximum enjoyment and thrills with speeds up to 12 mph. The Ground Force utilized low-profile cast aluminum wheels and an upgraded rear axle, whereas the Drifter has Super Slider POM rear wheels that will have you doing 180's and throwing fish tails. With their sleek contemporary designs your kid will be the envy of the neighborhood. Both style cost around $300.00 and are for those 8 and older.

Next, there is the Razor Dirt Rocket series. The Dirt Rocket MX350 goes up to 14mph and is scaled down for the younger riders. It cost around $280.00 and is made for those 13 and older. Razors Dirt Rocket MX400 is a step up with a high-torque motor, twist grip acceleration, and a double crown fork, and it cost the same as the previous one. The Dirt Rocket MX500 is cool enough to make you feel like a motocross champion. A little bit faster at 15mph, and a bit pricier at around $440.00, it is still a great deal. Here is the granddaddy of them all, the Razor Dirt Rocket MX650. If hitting the dirt is what you want then look no further. This bike has a high-performance electric motor with dual suspension. It takes you up to 17mph for 10miles. It is the most expensive at $509.00, and it is made for those 16 and up.

For the young ladies, there is the Razor Pocket Mod. It is Vintage-inspired and has a classic Italian scooter design. This high performance vehicle will ensure that you have the coolest ride on the block. It comes in many colors and has a storage compartments for all of your needs. It has been featured in Time, Newsweek, Teen Vogue, and Pocket Mod. It cost around $280.00 and is made for those 13 and older. Another version of this bike is the Razor Sweat Pea Pocket Mod that is customized in pink with decals, handlebar streamers and a sporty bell. It is priced the same, it's just a little prettier.

Razor's Pocket Rocket has also been featured in Time and Sports Illustrated for Kids. It is a European inspired replica of a real racing pocket bike. It speeds up to 15mph and cost around $300.00. This rides 13 and older.

This is all of the styles and models that the Razor Ride Ons offer. Featured in some of the most prestigious magazines around, they really give you what you pay for. You should be able to easily find them in some of your local retailers and online as well. Make this a happy Christmas for someone this year with one of the most recommended and popular toys around.