Looking for a great gift for kids on your list? You want something cheap in price only but a totally quality product and something they will use all the time.  Answer:  razor kick scooters!

Scooters have been around a long time and have come in various forms for kids over the years, some were big and cumbersome and others were downright ugly.  But this model is well built, quiet and sleek and gets them going quickly.

Kids still loved dragging those scooters around even if they were big and bulky.  The main reason was because it was a way for kids to get around, it meant freedom!

Sleek and ModernRazor Kick ScootersCredit: Amazon.com

Razor A Kick Scooter By using a sleek and modern razor a kick scooter, they can get around faster without the bulkiness and be totally mobile.  It was the next best thing to the bike for freedom for kids.

One of the biggest differences between those older styles from years ago and this new modern version is the ability to stop.  I remember my brothers wearing out all kind of running shoes using their feet to stop themselves!  That was the braking system, whereas these now have a way to stop with a rear braking system.


Weighing in at only 6 pounds, this is easy for most kids to not only use but to carry around from place to place, like carrying their mobility on their back! It folds down for easy storage, so you can throw it in the back of your car if you need to pick your kids up after dark, or you want to take it on vacation with you or to take to a friend’s house.

If they are somewhere where it is inappropriate to ride them, they can fold them up and carry them in a back pack.

It has been created out of aircraft grade aluminium, making it lightweight and yet tough and you need tough when it comes to kids toys or any products to last longer than one season.

If you have younger kids who are envious of the razor kick scooters that their older brothers or sisters have, there is also a razor scooter product made for the younger group with 3 wheels for better stability.

Sleek Urethane WheelsRazor a Kick Scooter(99705)Credit: Amazon.com

With the urethane wheels and the ABEC – 5 bearings it only takes a few scoots with the foot to get going.  No more dragging it along, this is a really sleek ride. 

If you are considering razor kick scooters for your kids or for a gift for other kids, make sure they have helmets to wear while riding these as with scooters, just like bicycles, falls can happen and you need to protect your kids.  They must get into the habit of wearing helmets for protection before riding them just like with bikes.

The best part about these Razor Kick Scooters are the quick back fender brakes, so no more wearing out of shoes or boots like before. 


The price is right too, you can get these in many different colours, such as blue, black and even pink, and you can usually get them for under 50 dollars.  Shopping online is a great way to find them and the style and colour you want.  Sites such as Amazon carry a huge assortment.

So, if you have some kids on your list for birthdays, or Christmas gifts, then consider razor kick scooters as a great way to get them off the couch and at least outside this year!

Kick Scooter in Pink

Razor A Kick Scooter (Pink)
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