Looking for a great gift idea for your teen or preteen child? Take a look at the Razor MX350 Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross Bike. Finding just the right gift for Christmas or a birthday or what ever the reason can become very difficult but the Dirt Rocket is sure to make any occasion a memorable one. The following article is a short review of what you can expect with the purchase of the Razor MX350. Things you will learn include features, who should and shouldn't ride the MX350 and safety recommendations.

The MX350 is a miniature electric version of a motocross dirt bike. It has all the looks of a real dirt bike but none of the noise and a fraction of the price of a gas power bike making it perfect for families that live in town or in the country knowing that you won't be bothering the neighbors. Designed for kids twelve and up and rated for riders up to 150 pounds makes the price a small investment for years of potential use.


Razor MX350 Features


So let's get to the details the Dirt Rocket has a powerful chain driven electric motor that is power by two Razor MX350 Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross Bikerechargeable twelve volt sealed lead acid batteries, it is capable of speeds up to fourteen miles per hour depending on the size of the rider. It also has a run time up to forty five minutes or so also on a single charge depending on the size of the rider. The bigger the rider the harder the motor has to work which also drains the batteries faster. The battery charge time takes approximately eight hours depending on the power level the battery is at when charging begins.

The MX350 has a double crown fork that works as the front suspension and the twelve inch pneumatic knobby tires help make a smooth ride out minimally rough terrain. Though not having enough suspension is a common complaint. Other accessories that give this electric bike some realize is the twist grip throttle accelerator, the folding metal foot pegs, hand operated rear brakes and a retractable kick stand. It also has adjustable handle bars. The seat height is approximately twenty inches and the bike weights right around seventy two pounds. The assembled dimensions are 44"x 24.5"x 31"


Where to find the Razor MX350


The MX350 can be purchased at many locations online and in retail stores. Some of the retail stores include Walmart, Meijer, Target, Sears, and Toys R Us. Online it can also be found at many places like Drugstore.com, and SportsAuthority.com but normally you just can't beat Amazon.com so unless you can find it on sale in a retail store this is your best bet. The list price is $280.00 but it can be found cheaper on Amazon.com plus you have the confidence of purchasing from a reputable source.



Pros and Cons of the Razor MX350



Inexpensive compared to a gas power dirt bike.

Forty five minute run time.

Good for a wide range of ages.

Well built and easy to maintain

Ninety day warranty



May be heavy for smaller children to pick up if dropped.

Not the best suspension

Hard to get replacement parts if they are needed

The knees of bigger kids will be sticking out to the sides


Conclusion and Warnings

In conclusion the Razor MX350 is a very good product and does a fine job at emulating the real thing or what the pros use. Many people have purchase the MX350 for children has young as four or five and claim to have no issues so being well suited for most small children for two hundred dollars seems to be a fairly low price for years of fun. Just remember that this is not a toy and accidents can happen so be prepared to purchase the necessary safety equipment that would normally be used on any dirt bike or motorcycle. Things like a full face helmet, knee and elbow pads and anything else you feel should be used. The last thing anyone wants is a day of fun turning sour. Just remember safety first.