How to get more use out of your outdoor dining table this winter.

Outdoor Dining Table

It's that time of year again, and we need to clean up and bring in our outdoor dining table and chairs, and our other patio furniture. I particularly like summer, so this is a sad time - packing up all the summer furniture until next spring. And then having to rearrange the garage, to hold everything, is quite a job, too.

As I washed the furniture off before I brought it in for storage, I thought of all the fun things we had done at this outdoor dining table: crafts, games, drawing and painting, and last but not least, all the good meals. What a shame to just store it in the garage until next spring. I began to ponder…where could I find a spot in the house to place my outdoor dining table to use during the winter months. After drying it off, I headed into the house to find a spot.

In the guest bedroom, I found the perfect place, and with a little rearranging of the furniture, I knew my outdoor dining table and two of the chairs would fit perfectly.

My outdoor dining table has now been turned into the perfect spot to wrap Christmas gifts. I have placed a tape dispenser, pen, and the wrapping paper container nearby, and I am ready to wrap all those gifts as I bring them home. No more last minute wrapping since I have this convenient area ready for use.

When not being used as a gift-wrapping area, the outdoor dining table will be used as a craft center. Since it has a glass top, it will be easy to clean up after working with glue, glitter, paints, etc. This outdoor dining table has a rim around the glass top, which makes it nice to work on when working with beads. No more beads rolling off onto the floor.

One of my gift projects for Christmas is to crochet Christmas tree decorations. After crocheting these ornaments, they must be blocked, and this will be a great place for them to dry. Also, I am framing some pictures for Christmas gifts, and this outdoor dining table will be the perfect spot to work on them. And since I have this extra workspace, if I can't finish the frame job, I can just walk away and leave it until I have more time.

I am a scrapbooking newbie, and I am looking forward to spending more time on this new hobby this winter. My outdoor dining table will be the perfect place to set up my scrapbooking center.

In Closing

It is a good thing we spend so much time outside in the spring, summer, and fall, otherwise we would surely be missing this outdoor dining table when it goes back outside next spring. Look around your house; is there a place where you can store your outdoor dining table inside your home, and use it for a wrapping and craft center?

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