I like to write and then publish a lot of articles at one time on InfoBarrel. By publishing 50-100 articles today I will be seeing a higher income than my average. I will also see my earnings statistics permanently boosted to a new level.

It is like getting a pay raise at your 9-5 job except you will continually receive the extra earnings even if you never work again.

Here are some ways you can motivate yourself to reach higher levels of achievement and earnings on InfoBarrel.

100 In a Day

Write 100 articles and publish all of them in one day. Within a few days when the articles begin to get indexed by Google you should see a massive jump in page views as well as a nice boost to your Adsense income.

Publishing 100 articles in a day should give you some massive exposure. Once you see the results of 100 new articles published in the same day I hope it motivates you to write a lot more. Instead of seeing your InfoBarrel page views climb gradually as if you where publishing a few articles each day. Your stats will get a huge boost. Hopefully by seeing the huge rapid increase it will motivate you to wrote a lot more for InfoBarrel regardless of whether you are publishing 1 at a time or 100 at a time.

Adsense Earnings Check

When you cash your first Google Adsense check it should excite you and motivate you to write a lot more. It does not matter if your first Google Adsense check took you 1 year or more to earn the $100 minimum. Once you get that first check you will want to get it again. Once you start receiving a check every other month you will soon want to get a check every month. Once you start receiving a check each month you will soon want to increase you Adsense earnings. Each time you receive a check from Google Adsense it should motivate you to a higher levels.

If you only write 10 articles for InfoBarrel and then forget about Adsense and InfoBarrel all together then one day you will received a check for $100 or more. It may be 5 years from now but when you receive it I guarantee your interest in InfoBarrel and Adsense will be peaked once again.

A check from Google Adsense is like the gold prospectors that were about to give up and head back home and then found a small nugget and some flakes. Adsense checks give you "Gold Fever".

Meet Me

Once you meet me and realize what I earn from writing for all of the various websites I write for then you will realize you can do it too. The point is that anyone can earn money from using the InfoBarrel writing platform as longs as you utilize it too continually publish new content.

Earnings Reports

By reading the earnings reports each month that are posted by various writers such as Travis_Aitch then you will hopefully get motivated to write more. If you know a writer is making so much each month then you can make a goal of adding new articles to InfoBarrel until you too meet the financial goals that you desire.