Have you ever had a tiny spiritual awakening in your life where the purpose and nature of reality became really clear? I am a firm believer that we all have these tiny moments. Some of us sweep them under the rug because we are scared of them and some of us embrace then fully and face the fear knowing it will serve us in the long run.

A huge spiritual awakening is often the thing that stops most people in life getting what they truly want. People are satisfied with money and feel like their is still more but cannot find it because it cannot be found in the material world. This leads to frustration for long periods and sometimes even depression. So how can you undergo your own personal little Spiritual Awakening? Well I will teach you some of the methods that have been used over the years.

Communing with nature - Lots of people who have spent lots of time with nature over the years find that they gain calmness of the mind and a feeling of connection with all things around them. Try getting out into nature once per day for an hour minimum and you will experience this. If you really want to try this then go to some local sites near you where there is amazing nature like a zoo.

Exercise - If you exercise daily then you are renewing your body and it will feel as if you are more alive. This is what spiritual awakening is basically all about, "feeling alive". Push yourself hard, but not too hard and you will feel the blood soaring through your veins. It feels great!

Illness - Lots of people experience a spiritual awakening when they experience some form of bad illness. What happens to them is that they look down and see that their body is changing rapidly and not in the same condition and their mind starts to realise something. It realises the basic truth of spiritual awakening which is that you are not your body.

Death of a Loved one - If someone close to you dies then you can have a little glimpse of awakening. What you see is that their body has been left behind and that they are no longer in it any more. We all know this instinctively but actually seeing it is a different matter.

Meditation - This is one of the only ways that you can force yourself into spiritual awakening and is touted by the masters of spirituality as the best way to get there. I also recommend it. It may be difficult to concentrate for long periods initially but after a while you will get a hold of your mind and thoughts and the benefits are impossibly amazing to describe.