Set a goal and go for it

People say things all the time about how they want to strive to reach something, so they set a goal. Rarely do people go beyond that goal setting stages and thus most of them die before they ever began. We can't just set a goal and stop, we have to actively step out and take time to achieve what we wish to accomplish in life. This is all a battle in the mind as willpower alone will not be sufficient for reaching those goals you set out for yourself. This article will illuminate that battle we all face in our minds and how to overcome that hurdle.

Goal reached!

I wanted to make this article special because this article reaches my own personal goal of creating 100 Infobarrel articles in my first 30 days of being here. It was a tough task and while it seemed impossible when first starting out, I had a lot of passion to write and had a ton of fun in the process of learning and researching. This goal I set out seemed like a gigantic mountain but that's the beauty in this example. A mountain only seems huge until you take individual steps towards conquering it. After many steps suddenly the mountain isn't as big, and this approach needs to be taken when reaching your own goals. Whether this goal deals with fitness, learning a new instrument, becoming a better person, or learning something new and interesting we have to make sure that it's not idle words and we actively fight to reach them. That mountain in the beginning seems huge but if you take one day and one step at a time you will notice that it seems more and more attainable and that's how I feel about my short time at Infobarrel. I'm proud to have reached my goal of 100 articles in less than 30 days, and this approach is how I reach anything I set my mind to.

The battlefield in our minds

Our minds are the battlefield in reaching those goals we set out to accomplish. Nothing gets in the way better than our own thinking. Instead of thinking that you are too tired, incapable, not smart enough, or not motivated enough take a positive approach. Say out loud things that will get your mind and body in motion like "Today I'm just going to do 10 pushups and then quit" or "I'm just going to learn one new chord on the guitar". These small baby steps probably in the grand scheme of things won't make a huge difference in your objective, but it will train your mind that you don't have to make huge leaps to feel like you accomplished something but instead show that small and steady steps lead to the bigger picture.

The mind has to be trained for discipline and withstanding tests. If we let our mind go free and take a passive approach to life we will never reach anything that isn't easy for us. This is true in earning passive income, getting a sculpted body, or starting a business as just a few examples, as people just want to take the easy road to success which generally is never easy to begin with. If we take an active approach to training our minds then suddenly it becomes clear that we are more capable of doing things than previously thought. I can't tell you how many times I thought I couldn't perform one last repetition of a certain exercise only to have my mind kick in and scream at me that one more isn't a big deal. Now my mind is fighting my body instead of it being the other way around. The mind is a wonderful tool, but the battlefield is tremendously hectic

Slow and steady

Taking on this image of climbing a mountain, never strive to reach a goal that is simply impossible for you to achieve. Saying you want to be the next Steve Vai on guitar is wonderful to set as a goal, but don't expect that to happen for over a few decades because he's been playing 12 hours a day for 40 years. Make small goals that eventuallySlow and steady lead to one big goal. Climbing a mountain starts at the trailhead and each step is one step closer to getting to the summit. If you tried to jump from the trailhead to the summit you would never succeed. While many people could obviously say this is the case with that example, they will not notice that their own goal of trying to look like a bodybuilder in 2 months seems ridiculous just like the example. You can't make goals that aren't achievable because then you are making yourself more responsible for something you clearly can't reach and it will cause you to feel failure time and time again. Go slow and steady and you will look back at the road you traveled and realize where you have come. The journey is the destination after all!

Fight the good fight

Now that you have an idea of how to build goals, sit down and plot out the next year of what you want to accomplish. When I started my Infobarrel goal on April 1st I didn't know what I was capable of but I figured that 100 articles in 30 days was reachable with all of my interests so I made that a goal. In March of 2012 I made it a goal to burn some fat and see myself lighter on the scale and in the mirror. I knew I wasn't going to be huge with bulging muscles but I did know that a year is plenty of time in a fitness journey to make a big difference and it clearly did. This idea of making big goals is wonderful for long term growth and having a positive image, but make sure that with that giant goal you lay out step by step instructions and goals for yourself to achieve the big picture. Best of luck to you in reaching your goals!