Millions of under privileged people around the world dream of a better life through a better education. From Africa to Russia to the low income neighborhoods in the United States and around the entire globe – geography and economic conditions can preclude some from ever realizing that dream. With such a large need, it takes vision and courage to fill the void. Enter a new concept in education: The University of the People.

Newly founded in 2009, the University of the People is the brain child of Shai Reshef. In an effort to level the playing field around the world, Mr. Reshef is creating a new and exciting environment of e-learning, peer-to-peer teaching, open-source technology and courseware to anyone with access to a computer.

Mr. Reshef is an innovator in education and was recently recognized by The Huffington Post to be the Ultimate Game Changer in Education – an honor given for his vision and leadership in his pursuit of online world education regardless of income or nationality. He has spent years pioneering alternative resources that have helped to change the face of higher learning.

Although the tuition is free, the university will have to charge their students small fees for admission applications and for administering exams. This is estimated to be ten dollars and up based on the economic condition of the individual student (to be calculated on a sliding scale). The small fees collected will help fund the school and keep it growing. In addition to that, however, donations, volunteers and visionaries are answering the call to help educate the world. Retire educators and industry leaders have joined ranks to reach this philanthropic goal.

Pending accreditation, the new school is already offering business administration and computer science instruction to the masses online. However, they will not be able to issue a formal degree unless they are granted a state accreditation. None the less, education is knowledge and knowledge is power. The fact that the University of the People is attempting to make it available to everyone everywhere is an amazing undertaking.

Take a peek at the academic and advisory staff of the University of the People and you will quickly see that a number of highly educated and motivated individuals are lending their talents to the collective good. We should all cheer them on in hopes that one day every child in every nation will be afforded the benefits of a formal education.

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