Reading Elliptical Reviews can Help You Make a Better Choice

Elliptical trainer exercise equipment can range from a few hundred dollars into the thousands. Reading elliptical reviews can help you make a better choice when buying this product. Some elliptical reviewers may be compensated for their opinion, so it's best to look for unbiased reviews. Researching prices, knowing your budget, and choosing features that suit your needs will help you make a wise purchase.

What is an Elliptical Trainer?

An elliptical trainer, also called elliptical machines or ellipticals, is a piece of exercise equipment that simulates walking or running. Ellipticals are low-impact and easy on the joints. These machines offer a stimulating cardiovascular workout, without having to leave home. There are basically three types of ellipticals: rear drive, front drive, and center drive. Most ellipticals are powered by the legs, while some use leg and arm combination exercises. The user moves the legs in an elliptical motion, while pulling and pushing with the arms. More expensive machines may require power, while others do not.

Reading Elliptical Reviews

Reading elliptical reviews can help you make an educated choice when purchasing the product. Check out websites such as Epinions, Consumer Reports, Consumer Guide, and for third-party reviews. Cheaper model ellipticals may not be as well-designed, or as smooth, as the more expensive ones. The cheaper ones may not allow proper leg and arm workout ratios. Keep these traits in mind when reading elliptical reviews.

There are many websites online that offer elliptical trainer reviews. Some elliptical machine reviews will give an overall evaluation of the model. These reviews may relay how easy the machine is to operate, warranty and extended warranty information, and health benefits. They may also include machine features, work-out levels, and safety ratings. Some reviews may be written by the company itself, in an attempt to influence the consumer to purchase their product. On the other hand, some may be written by either consumers or fitness experts who are compensated for their opinions. The best bet is to seek unbiased elliptical trainer reviews.

Where to Shop

Mass merchandisers, like Walmart or Sears, can offer bargain prices on elliptical trainers, but are limited to low-end brands. Fitness stores are another option for testing out the merchandise and getting a feel for comfort. Be sure to check out several ellipticals before purchasing one. First-hand experience can help influence your decision when buying online. Look for the best prices when shopping online, including shipping fees and extended warranty. Some vendors may offer at-home trials. Many vendors even sell refurbished ellipticals, which can save you money.


Elliptical trainers for beginners may include bare-bones features such as upper body workout, front flywheel, pulse grip heart rate monitor, shorter stride, LCD display console, manual resistance, and ease of portability. This basic elliptical may cost around $350. More expensive models may have a center or rear flywheel, wireless heart rate monitor and pulse grip monitor, magnetic brake system, more resistance levels, greater stride, pre-set programs, heart rate programs, and a longer warranty. Expect to pay at least $2,000 for this upgraded elliptical.

When in the market for an elliptical machine, take into consideration other family members. Choosing a stride that is comfortable for all family members is a plus. Take into account product durability and quality in machine reviews. Options such as a wireless heart rate monitor or reverse action may or may not be of importance to you. To make a worthwhile investment, know your budget, check warranties, read elliptical trainer reviews, and look for specifications that are appealing. You may find that you don't need all the bell and whistles that accompany the most expensive elliptical machines.