What's the first thing you do when you think of buying a netbook? Most probably, you consider surfing the web or buying some PC magazines and reading the netbook reviews. If you are not so much into this, here's a short list of the things you may want to focus your attention on when dealing with a netbook review.

Most of the time, the reviewers will concentrate more on computer's ability in running certain application or their ability to fulfill some tasks. You may hear things like "it has a video board that allows it to smoothly run HD movies" or "it can only work using Windows XP". Especially if you're a beginner, these indications will probably help you more than the technical terms that may confuse you.

Another thing that you should pay attention at is the keyboard. When it comes to mini laptop tests, a good review should always refer to this aspect, mostly because a netbook's keyboard is small, and some mini laptops have a poor designed when it comes to this. A good quality keyboard is especially needed for people that will use the computer for writing and so on.

A mini laptop review should tell you if a computer is worth the money or not. Personally I do not consider that informations like screen size is something valuable. Instead, what you should focus on is getting information to help you decide on why you should buy one laptop over the others. For example: "this netbook has both camera and microphone built in, which makes it great for Skype-ing" or " its battery can last for up to 10 hours". If you are a regular computer user, those should be the type of statements to look for.

Also, most of the laptop tests will contain opinions regarding the noise that the PC is generating and how fast does it heat up, and even you tend to ignore these king of data's, they can actually prove to be extremely important, so if you want to buy a netbook, before doing so you might want to go and talk to a sales person that will explain you why are these informations so valuable.

Netbook reviews can be a great way to find out more about a computer before buying it. Actually, statistics say that most of the people tend to be highly influenced by any mini laptop review when it comes to buying a netbook, especially since these type of computers are not as popular as laptops.