Posting videos on YouTube

YouTube is proving to be a very quick and easy online marketing tool that results in high boosts in page rankings, traffic, and revenues.  And it’s also completely free!  The most effective and popular videos are usually only approximately 45 to 60 seconds in length.  Viewers want their information instantly.  Longer videos create boredom and frustration, so viewer are likely to click elsewhere if you don’t “get to the point” right away.  Remember, your main objective is to get your viewers from the YouTube video directly on to your website in the shortest amount of time in order to land the sale or to build a mailing list.

Think of your YouTube Video as a mini-TV commercial.

When McDonald’s runs a television advertisement, they are not trying to get the customer to buy a hamburger at that precise moment.  The goal is to get the viewer in the car and drive immediately over to the nearest McDonald’s franchise.  This is your goal as well.  You want them to “drive” over to your website, where even more creative and tasty options for purchase are creatively presented in a very pleasing manner.  Television commercials last no longer than 60 seconds, and neither should your YouTube video.  Ultimately, the average consumer has a very short attention span.

YouTube images should only be on screen for no more than 3 seconds. 

Again, use your TV commercials as a guideline.  Changing the imagery quickly and regularly gives your video a face-paced feel and a sense of urgency.  It will also keep your viewer engaged and interested with more of a chance that your video will be viewed in its entirely.  They want to see what is coming next, and they don’t want to become bored by looking at the same image for 30 seconds or more.  Most advertising experts will tell us that images lasting on screen for over 5 seconds will result in instant and total loss the interest by the viewer.

Consider using PowerPoint as a method of YouTube video creation.

PowerPoint is a terrific tool for the novice video maker because the software can be programmed to flash the included images at a very specific time rate.  Simply begin by uploading several individual images and pictures.  Try to upload them in the order of sequence that will ultimately work best for telling the story of your video.  Revising the picture sequence is also very easy if you decide to change things up in the future.

Here are the steps for programming PowerPoint.


PowerPoint set up

To program how fast you want the individual images to change, go to the “transitions” pull down menu on the top row.  On the far right, change the “sound” feature to say “No Sound” and set the “duration” feature to its lowest value.  On the far right, the “Advance Slide” feature is where you will program the flash times for the individual pictures.  Put a check box in the “after” feature and type in your preferred duration value that you want each image to last on screen.  You can program PowerPoint down to fractions of a second.  The final step is to click the “Apply to All” button in the bottom middle portion of the menu.  That’s all there is to it!