Have you ever thought about how come some real estate investors don't meet their monthly payments for their real estate investment loans or why their red hot real estate investment has turned to ice? This article will look at two important external components credited to Real Estate Investment Loans that can bear upon the viability of your real property Investment.

>>>> The First Important Tip is "Interest Rates"...One of the key advantages you'll have with Investment Real Estate over other methods of investing is the large quaintly of information available on the internet. If you're not familiar with macro-economics, the 1st common bit of economics that you should learn about and how it effects your investment concerning  your Real Estate Investment Loan, is the effect of current interest rates and if there's going to be a rise or drop in the near future. If the  interest rates go up that will lower your monthly cash flow and eat at your earnings so it would be a real good idea to spend some time learning how interest rates will affect your current investments. Most investors use the banks money to finance their investment , rather than tying up they own cash.

When deciding on a Real Estate Investment Loan, you'll need to keep one eye on the current interest rates, prospective interest rates and the penalty that you could have to pay should you wish to refinance your loan in the future to capitalize on a subsequently lower rate of interest. So the smart thing to do is to use a fixed interest rate, if you believe that the rates of interest is going to be rising in the near future.

One good idea with Real Estate Investing 101 is to spend some time reading the business section of your local newspaper to see how monetary policy in the Federal Reserve is trending over the next few months. This is probably why some financial organization and Hugh property developers employ previous Federal Reserve executives to add their expertise in interpreting Federal Reserve Policy.

An additional interest rate investment strategy concerning  Real Estate Investment Loans is to purchase the property "subject to the existing mortgage" if the current mortgage was locked in at a lower rate of interest than what's being offered in the current market rate. This specific strategy can work well in a rising interest rate market. Remember that a tiny change in percentage step-up could mean a big rise in the amount of interest that you'll have to pay the lender,  so it would be smart to do your math and get a acquaintance to go over it  before you sign the contact.

>>>> The Second Important Tip is..."Rental Yields". A real good indicator and one that landlords need to know about is rental yield or [Return on Investment]. This is the yearly rental as a percentage of the total costs of owning the property. So for instance if I had purchased a property for $100,000 and collect $10,000 each year in rent, your ROI would be 10%. Note that while this a fast rule of thumb this also signifies that [less interest], you would be able to fully pay for the property in 10 years if you were to apply the full rental income to paying your real estate investment loan.

All the same, ROI isn't the end all and be all of the analysis factor, another condition when breaking down Rental Yield isn't only the present-day or past rental yields but looking at the future rental yields. So in order to do future calculations, you need to take a look at the property cycle and analyze economic factors which could bear upon supply and demand of rental property in the region. You should also consider applying Smart Strategies For Real Estate Investment to increase your ROI.

For instance, let's assume that we determine a particular Real Estate Investment is going to be good this year for the purposes of cash flow and get Real Estate Investment financing to purchase the property. But what you might have overlooked is that you purchased the property at a high end of the property cycle and rental demand could return to normal levels again, making your so called Real Estate Investment become a negative cash flow. Therefore we need to take note that you need to discover the possible downside of your investment and do your math carefully prior to getting your Real Estate Investment Loan.

Lastly, having a good understanding of interest rates and rental yields will help you profit from real property investments. If you are in the category of Real Estate Investing For Beginners than it's crucial that you do your homework!