There are many factors that guide the pricing of any property under real estate Kisumu properties. Therefore, depending on the kind of property you are looking the price will be influenced by various factors. In case you find a property fetching a very high price it could be because of any of the listed factors. Some of these factors have also determined the standard rates for some these properties which are as follows:

Type of properties

Depending on the type of property you are looking for some will be more expensive than others. Most of the times, rates will vary from one seller to another with some of them selling the properties either at a very low rate and others at unreasonable high rates. Therefore, always research on average rates of the commercial property, residential property as well as vacant lands. This should also assist in estimating the standard rates for the kind of real estate Kisumu property you are looking for.

Size of properties

The basic way of looking at it is that the bigger the property the higher it would cost for real estate Kisumu properties. Therefore, you have to know the size you want whether for a commercial or residential purpose. Otherwise, if your main interest is to buy a residential property then the size of the land will be a key factor in determining the final price. On the other hand, there are many properties that come in different sizes and some are ideal for commercial purposes and others for residential purposes.


There are properties found in prime lands and others that are not. Properties in prime locations are usually more expensive than others. On the other hand, depending on the reasons why you would need such properties then it might be important to find one in a prime location. Properties found anywhere near social amenities will cost a lot more than in an area still under development. Therefore, it is important to know the kind of location you would like to put up a residential or a commercial property.

In other terms, real estate Kisumu companies work hard to ensure that their clients find what they are looking for. The rates may be too expensive to some clients hence the need to find alternative properties that would fit their budget. This also means that you need to prepare yourself for some rates considering some will take you by surprise. On the other hand, doing some research on what you would like will assist in preparing yourself adequately for the final purchase.