Growing Home SaleCredit: ddpavumba | freedigitalphotos.netReal estate property flyers are a must for any type of real estate marketing campaign. Whether you are an agent representing a client or the actual property owner, flyers represent you in printed you.

These flyers will say everything you want to say and show all that you need to show without you exerting that much effort talking about the property and showing it to an interested party. As long as you maximize the potential of flyers, you are sure to reap the benefits of utilizing them.

So how do you maximize real estate property flyers?

The order of the day revolves around the word ‘colorful,’ thus, it is necessary to use colored materials. It’s not about simply using different ink colors when printing the material; it also pertains to the information which the flyer contains. You must incorporate visuals, illustrations, and images in full color prints. As for images, it is recommended to embed high quality images of up to 3600 dpi; the higher the DPI, the better the image quality.

Aside from visuals, the paper used also matters. Print the materialsonto glossy materials. These are more attractive and entice individuals to read more. All in all, colorful real estate property flyers were studied to be more effective than their plain black and white counterparts. According to the Newspaper Association of America, 62% of sales conversion can be expected from any marketing material in color as compared to black and white.

As for the actual content, make the flyers’ heading as concise and inviting as possible. It should summarize what the ad is all about and should be appealing enough to make the reader want for more. Make sure to quench their thirst by providing everything they need to know about the property at the actual message body.

In some cases, a live guide is also included in the materials. This refers to a walkthrough of the actual property in case an interested party decides to have a tour of the house. But for safety purposes, this should not be distributed in public and must only be given out for those who are genuinely dropping by to see the property.

Open House Announcement

In relation to visiting the property for viewing, you may schedule an open house to accommodate all possible interested parties in a grand viewing time. This way, it saves you the trouble of touring individuals and parties one by one and accommodating them all at once instead. At the end of the open house event, visitors may end buying the house right on the spot.

In case you follow this route, there are preparations you need to follow. Aside from designing and printing marketing materials to announce the open house event, these must be distributed to a targeted audience. Thus, you should know where to be at and when exactly to be there in order to distribute flyers. Schools and parent-teachers meetings are perfect if you are targeting families with established income, but if such an opportunity is not present, you can always find other places to disseminate the news about your property for sale.

Still on the ‘open house’ idea, flyers as mentioned earlier must be accompanied with a guide. This will make it easier for everyone to tour the house without having to ask you for directions every time. Lastly, all gatherings are never complete without food and refreshments so make sure to serve snacks, appetizers, and a few drinks.

Other Marketing Methods

Aside from utilizing flyers, there are other strategies and marketing methods which can be applied. Some of which involve web based options including blogs, social networks sites, video sharing sites, listings or directories, and so much more. There are certain services which offer management of these platforms but you can also utilize them without paying any third party company.

Online, you can create a landing page or mini-website where web users are directed to after an invitation made available through other places online. Over the web, your flyers become Internet based. These include blog posts in blogs, video invitations in video sharing sites, wall post or tweets in social network sites, email invitations, and a whole lot more.

Real estate property flyers and other marketing methods help you announce to the world that your property is now open for viewing and hopefully for purchasing. All methods complement each other and should all be utilized for more successful real estate property marketing.