Getting fit usually involves an element of pain however there are ways to reduce this.  Simple fitness hacks are the most effective and easy to implement.

Get a training partner

One of the best ways to make sure you turn up and work hard is to get a training partner. Ideally this will be someone with an equal or superior fitness level. The concept of this is that you commit to meet someone and therefore are more inclined to turn up as you will be accountable to them and not just yourself. Having a training partner that will push you is the way to make the most of this relationship, having someone of a similar level will introduce an element of competition and training with someone with a superior fitness level will push you to aspire to match them.

Make it a lifestyle not a diet

Fad diets do not work, there we go. If you want to succeed your 'diet' has to be a lifestyle, not something you do for three weeks before reverting old habits. A holistic approach to food that you apply to every day of life is required. If 80% of the time you eat earth grown fruit and vegetables, natural sources of protein and quality carbohydrates 80% you will succeed.

Cheat day

The cheat day has positives and negatives. If you are is a serious training regime where you regularly stressing you body and this is coupled with a strict diet then the cheat day will be a welcome addition. The cheat day is one day out of seven where you eat what ever you want. It has been agued that it helps to refuel the body but in reality it is a mental break that will make the six days of strict dieting all the more easier. One tip is to write down anything you crave during the week in a diary and instead of eating it there and then you wait until your cheat day to have it. The drawback of this is that it is a short term fix, it can be hard to stop at one day and can be unsociable. Its unsociable as you are still on a strict diet six days out of seven so going out for dinner or a few drinks prior to cheat day is a no no, hence the cheat it is designed for those whose social lives are in the gym.

Portion size

This should be simple but how about reducing the volume of food you consume. This doesn't mean eating a miniscule amount of food just don't have your plate overflowing with food. In the past I have had to reduce my weight in a short period of time and the nicest way to do this is not to cut out food but to eat satisfactory amounts of food regularly. Satisfactory means you get enough energy to do what you have to do over then next few hour but not so much that you couldn't do it right after your meal.

Bodyweight exercise

A gym is not required, you walk around in the best weights machine ever designed. Not only does do bodyweight exercises get you fit and agile but they also build functional strength that can be transferred into sport and activities. Try doing 200 body squats every over day and notice how this easier it becomes to run, jump and cycle.

Focus on the food

If you are training your butt off and don't pay attention to what your are eating you WILL burnout, reduce your potential gains or not perform at your best. Put food first, think about when you need carbohydrates and when you don't, think about the amount of sugar you are consuming, think about the amount of protein you are eating (you don't need to eat like a bodybuilder if you are not a bodybuilder). In addition if your goal is to lose weight then by focusing on what you eat the exercise part may not be required as a relatively active person eating a suitable diet will not be overweight.

Run sprints

Want to burn fat then run fast. Sprints not only cause you to burn energy at the time but also for a period after you finish. Sprints engage the whole body causing legs and lungs to burn. Many people make the mistake of pounding the streets in order to loose weight. Jogging will work but only if coupled with other forms of exercise. Jogging can also lead to becoming skinny-fat, that being someone who looks in shape with their shirt on but with it of is carrying a few extra pounds and has no muscle tone with it off. Would rather look like a marathon runner or a sprinter?

Donate to charity

This is great for those of you lacking motivation. This idea is that you pick a charity or organisation that you totally disagree with, you then give a friend a set amount of cash - an amount of cash that you can afford but would hurt to give up - with the instruction that if you do not achieve your goal by a set date they donate the money to the charity.

Take pictures

When you are walking down the beach no one is going to notice if you 150 pounds or 151. Scales can be useful if you can guarantee you are maintaining the same muscle mass. By taking pictures you can see the physical changes you are making and progress you have made.

Drop down and give me twenty

For most exercise is just one more thing you do not have time in your day for. This is understandable with the work and family commitments that most have but one way round this is to not to make time for it but encorporate it into your day to day life. For instance walk to work as fast as you can, stand upon the train, do press ups whilst you are waiting for others to join a conference call, walk a on lunch, take the stairs, do body squats whenever you are waiting, install a pull up bar in a room and do 10 pull ups every time you leave that room, the list is endless.

Don't think do

A lot of the time people will start they day with good intentions of getting a workout in that day but come five o'clock that motivation has slipped away and on the commute home you manage to come op with a thousand reason not to train. The solution is therefore not to think about it, simply get ready and go. Even if you have decided you do not want to workout, put you trainers on, grab your gym back and start walking to the gym. Make it inevitable and you will go.

Do something you enjoy

You can trick yourself in to training hard by doing something you enjoy. One of the most physically demanding sports around is Thai Boxing however it is also one of the most fun. By training hard at something you enjoy fitness becomes an easily achievable by product. In addition to fitness becoming fun you will also be inspired to tailor any addition training you do to your chosen sport/activity that you enjoy, for example if you find trail running fun your probably going to focus on leg weights, hill sprints and endurance cardio. All of which you will be motivated to do a you will see the improvement they make to your performance.

Frozen food

Diet it king! if you do not eat healthy food you are going to be swimming upstream in trying to achieve your goals. The main thing missing in the average Joe's diet is vegatables. This can be for a variety of reasons, don't like them, can't be bothered cooking them, can't get them fresh, blah, blah, blah. One way to make vegatables cheap, easy to cook and fresh is to buy them frozen. They usually cook in five minutes and are as good for you as the ones in the vegatable isle.