There are several four wheeler racing games I like to play. Unfortunately, none of them are played on a game system. I play all of them in real life, on real quads. We actually have quite a few different things we do on them when I'm out with the adults. Most of the games wouldn't be safe if I was out with the kids, so you shouldn't even attempt them with your children. Let's look at some really fun four wheeler racing games you can play in real life with your riding buddies. Get off the couch, off the Nintendo, and get your butt on a quad.

Fishing Hole Contests

I am lucky to live near trails that go past many little lakes. This gives us a chance to play some of the most unusual four wheeler racing games you can imagine. For example, when we hit certain trails, the competition will focus on catching a certain number of keeper size blue gills or sunfish before moving to the next lake. We generally have to hit 4 lakes on the track. It makes for a really fun four wheeler racing game, even though the speed of the quad never dictates who wins or loses. It's a really unique contest we came up with a few years back. Luckily we all really like fishing and riding ATV. This is my favorite of all our contests, hands down.


Yeah, this is the simplest of the four wheeler racing games you can play. You can make the drag any distance you would like, but you should set the boundaries and finish line before you begin. We've been known to have handicaps, where one with a smaller ATV will be given a head start. It's a lot of fun once you get into it. Speed is a major factor with these, as you could guess. Most of the drag contests we have are for shorter distances, one half mile or less. We've never really gone on to come up with exact times for handicapping, it's more of an educated guess with us. We practice safety, so we don't go too far with the races, keeping them fairly short. It's a really fun four wheeler racing game we like to do from time to time.

Find the Flag

We've actually played this as a real; life four wheeler racing game. We are fortunate to have about 55 acres of wooded land to use. We use radios to communicate the start of the contest. Each group hides a flag somewhere on their "half" of the land. We use a bright orange flag, which is actually harder to spot than you may realize with all the trees and brush in the area. Speed during this four wheeler racing game are very slow, often less than 10 miles per hour. Since there are few actual trails on the land, you have to weave around the trees. This slows you down quite a bit and none of us push our luck by going too fast on our ATV's. Still, this is a blast. We don't chase each other down or try to block someone from the flag like you would in a foot contest, since it would be way too dangerous. It's one of the slowest, but most fun four wheeler racing games we like to play. We have had 4 people on each team in the past and it's a great time. It's more about strategy than speed, so you really have to use your head to win the contest. When you're playing four wheeler racing games with the boys, it's all about bragging rights, not winning a prize.

Cross Country

Armed with cell phones a group of us will often hit the trails and then split up at a specific spot during some of our other four wheeler racing games. We will come up with locations, which we've perfected over time so they are pretty fair, and see who can get to their specific location first. When you get there you make some calls to let the others know you are there. The ride back is just the second phase of the four wheeler racing game, as we all attempt to hit the central location. This is done on public trails and we are all careful not to speed. Call us a bunch of old men (which we are), but we just don't want to risk a ticket or our personal safety just to win one of these four wheeler racing games. It's really just a mini competition between friends. It's a lot of fun to do and we often have a different winner each time.

On a smaller scale, I've contacted friends to meet on the trail. We will often see who can get to the meeting place first. It's a four wheeler racing game that never gets old, no matter how simplistic it really is. It's a lot of fun.

Track Laps

We are lucky to have an ATV club in the area, of which we are members, with a large chunk of land they call the "playground" open for riders. On the course is a nice track. We set the length, generally only a few laps and go on to play our real life four wheeler racing games this way. It's a good time, but if there are others on the track, we don't get to play, since it would be dangerous for the others. We practice safety, so it's not exactly about going a million miles per hour. It's more about the bragging rights.

Final Thoughts

Those are the four wheeler racing games I love to play with my friends. While I suppose playing on a Nintendo would fun, it's getting out in the fresh air with friends that makes trail riding on an ATV so much fun. If you decide to try one of these four wheeler racing games, be sure to use common sense. Don't drive like an idiot, please. You can have a lot of fun without going 100 miles per hour.