Thinking About Ditching Home Phone Service?

If you have both a cell and a home phone, you may be considering your options between real home phone service vs no home phone. In other words, should you just depend on your cell phone for your calls both from home and while you are away?

It wasn't that long ago that nobody would have ever considered using only a cell phone around the house, but the increased reliability of service and longer standby and talk times now achievable in a cell makes this a viable option.

Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of ditching your real home phone service and relying on your cell phone.

Reasons to Keep Your Real Home Phone Service

There are some good reasons to leave your home phone alone and have the land line option.Here are some of the most compelling reasons that you need to consider before making your choice.

The first reason is pretty obvious. If you cannot get reliable cell service at your home you really don't have much of an option. You need to stick with a home phone option. You don't want to risk not being able to make a call when you really need to.

Do You Still Need a Home Phone?One compelling reason is if you have several people in your house or kids who are young and don’t yet have their own cell phones. You don’t want their friends calling for them on your cell phone do you? Having a family at home makes a real home phone a good option.

Another reason to have a home phone is for the generic calls that you get, whether it’s from a local fund-raiser or a neighbor. Of course, you may not want many of these calls but it’s nice to keep this stuff away from your cell phone.

In the event of a power outage, dead cell phone battery, or loss of cell service, it’s nice to have a land line that works with or without power. Lots of people don’t have a true land line phone any more with wireless home phone options, but you can get a $5 corded phone to have around for when you have a power outage and that will work on your land line just fine.

Finally, calls and messages may be easier on your home phone that your cell. That’s because a message or call for your spouse or child on your home phone will be in a central area. These things on a cell phone can’t be heard by them and no can calls be made if the person with the cell phone is away. Having real home phone service solves this problem.

Reasons to Go With No Home Phone Service

On the other side of the argument, there are some fine reasons to go ahead and use your cell phone as your only phone. It has it's pros and cons, but here are some of the good points of making this choice.

The most obvious is if you live alone and are the only one who needs the phone. In this case, you can always have your phone with you, so there is much less need for a community phone in the house. All you really have to worry about is making sure your cell phone is charged up at all times.

A Cell Phone as Your Only PhoneHaving only cell service means you have only one contact number. That will make it easier for you to exchange number which is easier for friends and family. They won’t have to try you at multiple places. Wherever you are they will reach you. On top of that, you only have to register for one do not call list.

Another reason is that you won’t have to check your messages remotely when you’re on the road or wait until you get home to hear them, since all of your messages will be easily accessible and easy to see right from your cell phone's display.

Finally, having no home phone and only using a cell phone will save you money since you won’t have to carry the home phone service in addition to your cell phone plan. You can use that extra money for a few cool features for your cell if you like and still come out ahead.

Which Option is Right For You?

In the end, the option is up to you. Perhaps you even have some more considerations that the ones listed here. Everybody is different, so just because your frients get by with only one phone doesn't mean it's the right choice for you. Then again, it might be.

Ultimately, whether you choose real home phone service or no home phone depends on you, how many people are in your household, and how you want to access your calls.