Introverted people get a bad rap. Some people can a rush out of meeting new people and spending time with large groups of people. Some people would prefer to stick their hand in a blender. That is ok. The world tends to assume the people that get worn out spending time with others is somehow a lesser form of person. They say, you have to get out there and face your fears. At a certain point it is fear, but that’s not all. Even the introvert that can face their fear will often still have a disdain for large groups of people. People say that you have to get out of your shell. Who said there is anything wrong with a shell? We are constantly bombarded by individuals trying to insult introverts and that gets us to even hate who we are sometimes. Why can’t I be like that guy or girl? It makes us feel like we’re wrong. We’re not wrong. No one is wrong. We are born the way we’re born and that’s what makes us who we are.

Be You!

Getting ahead as an introvert doesn’t require becoming an extrovert. It requires, accepting the fact that you are an introvert. The extrovert in life will focus on what they’re good at. They will talk to others and work at communicating in person. They will enjoy themselves as they get ahead. You might notice the extroverts that fail to get ahead. They are the ones lonely technical workers hanging out at the water cooler looking for some short term companionship from whoever is foolish enough to walk by them. An introvert does good with technical work. The same work that drives the extrovert crazy will give the introvert a boost of energy every day. An introvert can focus on minute details that an extrovert considers useless. Just because that’s what an introvert will naturally excel in, it doesn’t mean that that is where your energy should be focused. With a little adjusting an introvert can excel anywhere.

Focus on Details

Introverts can even be amazing at sales. They just have to adjust their style of sales. Do you ever remember being comfortable talking to anyone in life? Most introverts are completely comfortable talking with friends or to people that they need to speak to for a specific reason. Most introverts hate small talk with strangers. Imagine the typical extrovert salesman (aka car salesman.) They will bounce around and do anything to convince the customer that they are going to meet their needs. That is the perfect example of what an introvert shouldn’t do. You will wear yourself out and, in most cases, you won’t be very convincing. By the way, this sales technique can be used in any aspect of life. The introvert shouldn’t focus on convincing someone by speaking. They should focus on the details of the sale. They should practice reading faces and body language for the information they provide and learn to use body language to become a trustworthy person. They need to focus on the technical aspect, not the charismatic aspect. Some of the keys are asking questions that get the customer talking. Often the less improvisation required the better. Talking to others can be just as technical as anything.

There is nothing wrong with being an introvert. To be completely comfortable in life, you need to accept the person that you are. You can spend the next 20 years hating the person you are and hoping that you change or you can use the gifts you were given to do what you want with life. You need to focus on what you are good at. While extroverts can get distracted by others easily, you have the ability to focus on the important details. You can do the research and find a way to get ahead. When it comes to dating, friends, or business, you need to focus on what you’re good at. Research a method to get what you want, and make sure it’s done perfectly. You don’t always have to be smooth and charismatic in life. Honestly, people like myself find it quite annoying when people are too good. Bumble a bit and love who you are.