What if you had a pill that could give you the ability to be the most perfect version of yourself? A pill that could substantially raise your intellectual level. The movie Limitless revolves around this idea. The main character of the movie comes in contact with a drug dealer who posses the most advanced pill in the world. This pill is capable of raising your IQ to four digits.


Limitless Pill

Although the pill that is in the movie does not really exist as of now, that does not mean that scientist haven't attempted to create a pill that can be substantially raise your cognitive ability.

There is a pill that can help you focus, give you energy, and keep you clear minded for a long period of time. This pill is called Dimethylaminoethanol (DMAE). It can raise your cognitive ability and mental acuity. The absolute best thing about this pill is that it is 100 percent legal. Not only is this pill legal it also is very inexpensive.

How does the pill work?


Your brain is full of neurotransmitters. This is the part of the brain that operates the speed of how fast information travels through the brain. After you take the pill the speed of the neurotransmitters increase a substantial amount. This enables you to have better mental acuity.

This is not a placebo effect.  Studies have been compiled and experiments have been done to prove the validity of this pill. One experiment was done with 50 children. Half of the children were given the placebo. After 12 weeks of consistently taking the pills the children who took DMAE produced greater overall performance over the children who took the placebo.

Effects of DMAE

• Sharper Acuity
• Improved concentration
• Stopped early morning "fogginess"
• Reduces Depression
• Improved scholastic functioning
• Increased attention
• Reduced Drowsiness
• Improves IQ

Where can I buy DMAE?

You can order DMAE online but Streamline info recommends that you buy your pill at a vitamin shop in your area. We bought DMAE at VitaminShoppe for a very affordable price.


Is this pill the answer to all your problems? We say no. This pill will give you the propensities to be a more well balanced, intelligent individual. But true intelligence relies on what you learn and how you utilize your knowledge in the real world. The answers do not lie in any pill.

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