Success does not always come easy to people. I order to be successful at your endeavors you must focus on a set criteria of needs. Here are some items to focus on that will help you to become successful. The key is to enact all of these principals and then apply them to your own needs on a regular basis.



One of the most important things to be successful is to be motivated. Motivation will be the driving force that constantly propels your progress forward. It is easy to get motivated about a business opportunity and then the next morning when it is time to get up and start working the business you decide you would rather sleep. You need to get motivated and stay motivated at all costs. If you are not motivated to become successful then you will never become successful. Regardless of how you personally define success, you need to have the motivation to not only enact a plan of attack but to also have the motivation to follow through with it.


You sometimes need to be ruthless in order to become successful. If you are a banker then you might be forced to foreclose on someone home. This is part of the job. You need to be ruthless at times. The problem is when people have no heart and are only looking out for their own interests. If you are constantly advancing up the corporate ladder of life by dragging people down as you crawl over them then you will eventually fail. All people need positive social networks with friends and business partners they can rely on. If you piss off everybody around you then you will not only lose their valuable assistance, but they may also band together in a coordinated effort to bring you down. You will then be a complete failure and submissive to these people. To keep this from happening you need to establish a reputation as a solid businessman or person who also has a kind heart and helps out all types of people in different situations.

Learn From Your Mistakes

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Everybody will make mistakes. The difference between failures and successful people is that successful people learned from their mistakes and kept proceeding forward. Failures are failures but successful people devour failures as learning experiences that will help make them more successful in the future.

Make a Plan

A well thought out plan of attack should be laid out by you. Go ahead and write it down. Change the plan until you feel confident that it will help you to achieve your goals. Once you make a plan you then need to start following it every day and every minute of your life. When you go to bed at night you should know in your heart that you truly spent the day working towards your goal and then when you wake up in the morning it s vital that you start of the day by skimming through the plan again and immediately make following the plan the primary goal to accomplish that day.

Goals will not be achieved overnight; however if you are able to constantly work towards you goals each and every day then every day you will be slowly getting closer to accomplishing your planned out goals. There will also be times when you take a hard look at you plans and realize you need to make an adjustment. It is OK to make adjustments to your plans as long as you do it for the right reasons. If circumstances change and you need to make changes then go ahead and make them, but just remember to keep working towards your goals every day regardless of whether you have changed your method of accomplishing the goals or not.


Having support to accomplish your goals is vital. It may be a business partner or a spouse, but either way you need support. You may want to form a mastermind group with a few key individuals who are as motivated as you are. This mastermind group will help all of you to stay on track and to also get an unbiased outsiders opinion as to whether our plans look appropriate and will be effective enough in helping us to reach our desired goals.

You also need a supportive spouse. If your spouse is not supportive of you then it will be extremely hard to accomplish your goals if not impossible. You definitely need a supportive spouse instead of a spouse that is always nagging and criticizing you.

Enjoy the Journey

People often look at the final goal as what they want to accomplish, but life is precious and short so you should take the time to enjoy the voyage as you work towards your goals. Working on your goals each day can be extremely difficult but if you learn to enjoy the process as much as possible then it will truly make meeting your overall goals much easier to accomplish. When you realize that you truly are making good process towards you goals and aspirations each day then it will drastically help to improve your overall outlook and make the days much more enjoyable because unlike many other people you know in your life, you are actually doing something with your life. Making something of your life is much more enjoyable in hindsight then sitting on the damned couch watching television all of the time.


There will always be people hating on you and criticizing what you are doing. If you are fat they will mock you for being fat. If you attempt lose weight then they will laugh at you and ridicule you for being fat. Once you lose weight and get in shape the same people will still criticize and ridicule you. Regardless of what your goals are you are bound to have haters criticizing your every move. Let them say what they want because once you accomplish your dreams then they will still be the same loser they always have been.