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I began to tire of watching Big Man and Missy play capture the fallen tent pole so I put a movie into the DVD player to help drown out the annoying "Bink Bink" of the hail. I wanted to go sleep in the tent with Big Man and Missy but they seemed too busy so I simply gave them some alone time.

During the movie my daughter woke up and asked for a soda pop. I headed to the fridge and asked her what kind of pop she wanted. She said she wanted a Dr. Pepper from Big Mans cooler. I was so happy. My daughter wanted a soda pop from the cooler of Big Man and Missy and not one from the refrigerator in the trailer. Even though she was being forced to camp in a trailer by her mother she still craved for the old days of previous trips when the only soda we would have would be in a cooler filled with ice.

I opened up the door on the trailer and looked through the screen door. I could tell it was still raining really hard. The hail had stopped but it was raining pretty good. I began to think about Noah and his Ark. I asked my daughter if she could drink a Dr. Pepper from the fridge in the trailer instead. She looked at me like I was stupid and said "If you had bought any Dr. Pepper then we would have had some in the fridge but you did not bring any Dr. Pepper". Oh yeah, that's right I thought.

I tried to explain to my daughter that If went to the cooler I would have to wade through mud and we did not want to deface this pristine camping spot. She did not agree with me and insisted the chalk drawings I did on the rocks earlier in the day defaced the campsite more than my footprints in the mud.

I dashed over to Big Mans Cooler to grab a drink. For some reason Big Man and Missy only had half of their rain fly attached to the tent and the rain fly was covering the cooler instead of the tent. "That's nice of them" I thought. They know how much my daughter likes Dr. Pepper so they decided to cover the cooler to keep ants from crawling in.

I heard Big Man yell something perverted too me. I didn't quite understand him so I just ignored his garbled request and headed back to the dry interior of the trailer.

The next morning Big Man told me he had asked me "Would you please reattach the rain fly?" I told him I thought he and Missy were being romantic and I apologized for misunderstanding him.

After breakfast around the warmth of the trailers stove we did our dishes in running water. It was the last day of camping and traditionally we used the water in the coolers from the melted ice to wash our dishes. This dang trailer was forcing us to break family traditions.

Big Man and Missy then went to work taking down their tent. Taking the tent down was a lot faster then putting it up. Of course they had some help in that it was already halfway apart when they awoke. When Big Man and Missy began rolling their tent up to fit into the carry bag my daughter and I decided to go for a quick nature hike before we departed the campground.

The hike was supposed to be a simple hike of following a short trail that was clearly marked. I decided to show my daughter how to find short cuts back. She must have distracted me somehow. You know how 6 year olds are right? So anyways, 9 1/2 miles later we stumbled onto a gravel road. I told my daughter we needed to head south to our campground and we started walking again. A pick up heading north stopped with a friendly old man driving. He asked how we were doing. I started to tell him we were doing great but my daughter rudely interrupted me and told the driver we were lost and asked if he had some water she could drink.

I knew where we needed to go but the old man insisted we ride with him. I started to walk south again but my daughter hopped into the pick up with this stranger. As much as I wanted to finish my nature hike I immediately jumped into the back of the pickup with my daughter. There was no way I would let her ride off with some stranger in his pick-up truck. He was headed the wrong way but my mouth was too busy drinking a bottle of water he had handed me to correct him.

20 Minutes later we arrived at our campground. As we got out of the truck I explained to my daughter that we were not lost, I simply wanted to extend our camping trip a few hours.

My girlfriend was all upset talking about how they had no cell phone service so they could not call search and rescue. Really? We were not lost I explained to her and everything is OK. I asked if we were ready to leave yet to head home. She told me everything is packed up and ready to go except for Big Man and Missy who only had to finish rolling the tent tighter to fit in the carry bag that came with the tent. I glanced at my watch and realized that Big Man and Missy were getting the tent rolled up faster than normal.

As we all sat in the trailer watching Big Man and Missy keep trying to get the tent rolled tighter to fit into the carry bag my girlfriend said "You know, I think we should buy a trailer". I tried to explain to her that camping in a trailer is not real camping and that we need to continue to camp in tents.

Her sister piped up about how they use to have a pop up tent trailer and how it even had a bathroom, shower, fridge, comfortable beds and even a little TV/DVD they would put on a shelf. I really, really, hated the idea of buying a trailer to camp in but a pop up tent trailer sounded like an OK idea to me. We would still be sleeping "Under" a tent but would not have to listen to that annoying "Bink Bink" of hail.

The best part my girlfriend said is that we would no longer have to spend hours rolling our tent up small enough to fit into the carry bag. She then said, "I guess we could simply buy a larger carry bag for our tent". As much as I liked camping in a tent I decided a pop-up tent trailer would be a good compromise and could help keep our relationship strong. I guess I can let her have her way this time.