Tent Camping vs Sleeping in a Trailer

Camping in a trailer is a lot of fun according to many people. I have always camped in a tent. We always made fun of people who camped in a trailer and said things such as "Oh, they are not real campers" or the "Real Men Sleep in Tents". Sometimes as we were lying in out humid tent sweating with ants crawling on us we would even venture as far as making fun of the trailer people for taking a shower and then kicking on their generator so they had air conditioning.

What fun was it to camp in a tent with a warm shower, cushiony beds, satellite TV, air conditioning, refrigerators, and a closet with clean clothes hanging up? I mean there was few years when I did not have those things at my apartment much less the ability to take them when I went camping.

A few weeks ago my girlfriend and I were invited to go camping with her sister and her church and sleep in her camping trailer. I love to go camping and I had not had the opportunity to camping since the previous week-end so I jumped on the chance to go camping. We own two tents and I wanted to take the smaller one. I Know I could have slept in the trailer but I wanted to go camping and not sleep in a dang trailer with all the conveniences of home. I'm a Man and Men sleep in tents, not sissy camping trailers.

My girlfriend's sister pulled up in front of the house with her trailer and we started to load our stuff into it. When I stepped into the trailer for the first time I was aghast at the thought that my daughter would be sleeping in this trailer as opposed to sleeping in the tent with me. The stairs folded down to get into the door. Those stairs did not seem real safe too me.

All 326 pounds of me hopped onto the first step into the trailer and they did not budge. As I looked around the trailer I peeped inside the fridge. How could they expect me to use a fridge that kept stuff so cold? What if I grabbed a soda pop from the fridge and got frostbite? I mean really, frostbite during 92 degree heat is a rarity and not something you would have to worry about if you were sleeping in a tent.

I noticed the table. Her sister said we could play cards on it in the evening time. Really? I don't think so. Part of the fun is playing cards outside when you camp with a tent. Trying to discard a card without the wind blowing it into the fire pit is part of the fun. How could you achieve this if you are playing cars inside a camping trailer with no wind?

When the mosquitoes decide to caravan to our campsite and have a picnic then we simply change the game to slapjack. It is a lot of fun to play a game that combines the skill of Rummy with the fast paced action of slapjack. No need to play slapjack if we are inside the trailer away from the mosquitoes.

I was thoroughly disgusted by the fact that my girlfriend and my daughter were going to be sleeping in a retched place such as this that sucked all the fun out of camping.

Everything we were taking was now inside of the trailer. I was standing on the front porch of the house when my girlfriend came out holding the little tent I had planned on sleeping in by myself while they slept in the trailer. Somehow I must have forgotten to load the tent up.

I have been camping countless times in my life and had never forgotten to pack my tent. She held it and gave me that look like" do you want to take the tent or not?" After seeing the inside of that trailer I definitely wanted to take the tent more then ever but I decided I could "rough" it a couple of nights.

I would need to stay inside the trailer to help protect my daughter and girlfriend in case a violent prisoner escaped from the Prison in Idaho, hitchhiked 300 plus miles to the mountains where we were camping and then used a lock picking kit to open the trailer door as we slept soundly on the soft beds and steal something. Plus I am sure the tent may of took up too much room in the spacious trailer for the trip up and I did not want to force anybody to have to leave something important behind because of my callous intentions of using the tent. As much as I despised people who camped in trailers I decided I would just have to do it.

I did have some insurance, our friends Big Man and Missy were going to camp with us but they were going to use their tent. If things got really bad then I could always sleep with them inside their tent. I could easily peek through the tears in their tent to spot any escaped convicts heading towards the trailer.

When we pulled into camp we were greeted by some people who showed us where to park our trailer. HAHAHA, it was not a pull through campsite. I figured it would take us a long time to back the trailer up properly and then have to unhook it from the truck and then level it out. This was going to take hours.

Big Man and Missy were already putting their tent up when we pulled into the campsite. 5 minutes later the trailer was unhooked from the truck, leveled out, and the generator had already begun to give some electrical juice to get the air conditioner going. I head a cuss word and looked over as Big Man and Missy were still sliding poles through the sleeves on their tent. Read Part Two