They say that Cleopatra had eyes that could freeze a man in her tracks and immediately put them under her spell. In these days women are looking for more and more ways to make themselves stand out when it comes to fashion. One of the hottest trends right now are real mink eyelash extensions.

As with most things in the world of beauty and fashion normal people are looking to imitate the actions of the celebrities in our culture. In this case I'm sure that many people are looking to copy the real mink eyelash extensions as seen on Kim Kardashian. Which really does make some sense considering that she is famous and is a sex symbol of sorts.

Whether they are fake or real long eyelashes are desired and being sought after in salons across the globe. Not too long ago it was a big trend among celebrities in Europe. People are doing anything to keep up including black feather lashes as well. There is big money to be made for the industry so they just keep pumping out items that will be seen as new and trendy.

One thing is for certain and that is regardless of if you choose real mink eyelash extensions or black feather lashes it is gonna hit your pocketbook. These makeovers are top of the line and have a top of the line pricetag to match as well. It all depends on your region but they can run upwards of $1,000 depending on the salon. Now keep in mind that these do last for some time if properly treated and cared for by the individual.

I know several people that make a good part-time living by going into people's homes to do these makeovers with both expensive or cheap lashes. The kind of people that usually go about getting the real mink eyelash extensions may or may not want to go to a salon to get these things done. If you are gonna be paying that kind of money then most likely you will want to feel like a professional is doing the job.

The thing about these real long fake lashes is getting the most bang for your buck. That means making sure to take care of them so that they last for the most amount of time. This means that you are gonna want to avoid getting soap and shampoo among other products on that part of the face. It has been recommended by some people to use a washcloth to cover the eyes during showers.

So where can a person go to buy real mink eyelash extensions? Well for starters they are readily available at your big online markets such as eBay and Amazon. But your beauty and fashion wholesale sites will also have them in bulk if you are looking to get into application of these for a part-time income. They will also have the fake black feather lashes as well.

Just remember to keep an open mind when trying new things in the world of fashion and beauty. Real mink eyelash extensions may not seem to be worth the money until you give them a try and then you may find yourself hooked on your superstar appearance. Perhaps just do a simple search and see how these beautiful long lashes look on some of your favorite celebrities and it might just change your mind. So good luck and remember to stay ahead of the pack when it comes to looking like a star.

Kim Kardashian Real Mink Eyelash Extensions
Credit: Wikimedia Commons