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Are you curious about the real online work opportunities that are out there just waiting for you to find them? If you are like so many others out there then the appeal of working from your computer has not been lost on you. There are so many benefits to online employment some of those range from open schedules, more family time, and flexibility. Here you will find a few different fields and avenues that can provide you with a real online work opportunity while still bringing in a paycheck each month.

Transcription is a real online work opportunity that is available to most. It takes time, dedication, the right equipment, good grammar and spelling and really good ears (in some cases.

For those who choose to give transcription a try you can find several companies that offer some online testing and training. For those looking to really turn this into a internet career you can get certified through schools such as Career Step, which is available online and provides several discount and grant opportunities for those who qualify.

Data Entry is another real online work opportunity, however finding legit companies are a whole lot more difficult in this field. If you choose to pursue a job in online data entry you need to be ready to really research the companies offering work and positions and have enough patience to sort through all the scams that have flooded the internet with work from home opportunities.

A good rule of thumb to follow is: if it seems too good to be true then it probably is. It is very unlikely that you are going to stumble across a legitimate offer where you can honestly make several hundred dollars for just an hour or two of work. Luckily there are a lot of sites available online that provide work from home job reviews so you can more easily avoid sites that are "hinky".

Call Center and Customer Service is another industry that is providing a real online work opportunity for thousands of men and women who are searching for home based careers. Many phone companies have outsourced their work to home-based employees as has doctor's offices, collection agencies, telemarketing services and many other customer/client services based agencies.

Your first move should be to check locally by calling companies directly or checking out their websites to see if they offer this type of opportunity for internet workers. This way you can easily attend any "on site" training that is mandatory for employment.

Writing can be another real online work opportunity for those who are blessed with having a "way with words" or are full of clever ideas. Many magazines, journals, websites and article based sites are willing to pay contributors for quality work.

For most writing opportunities you can often visit the direct website for information on what is being looked for from home or online workers as far as content, length, perspective, writing style niche etc - etc. For magazines this information can often be found directly inside each issue that is distributed.
Virtual Assistant positions can be a really fruitful online work opportunity for those who are skilled in the art of organization, follow up and follow through. Not quite the same as a call center or customer service representative because more often then not their duties veer more towards dealing directly with the employer.

There are many sites online that are dedicated to connecting work from home seekers with real online work. A brief search for "virtual assistant jobs" should bring you up a great start up list. If that does not work then I'd recommend checking out

If you are concerned with having to sort through all the bad to find the good then you can always choose the route that is going to cater most closely to your likes. That would be taking on your own personal online business. You can do with it what you choose, be it online crafts, writing, sales, services etc - etc. You always have the ability to make your own real online work.

There are many platforms that are set up to get you started creating your own website with just a few click of your mouse and even more platforms out there begging for you to take on or try out there products or services. Simply find the one that is right for you, something that you would be passionate about and dedicated to and find out what it takes to get started.
Though it is an already popular choice for thousands, freelance work is still highly misunderstood by many, well at least the potential of it is. It may not be full time employment but it is still a great way to make a full time income and is definitely an open, flexible and real online work opportunity.

Should you choose a freelance route then the above options may all still be available to you on an as needed basis but with the lessened restrictions of not working 1 job full time you will be opened up to take on several opportunities at once, therefore increasing your potential income possibilities. You can add little extras in such as affiliate marketing to increase your take home revenue as well.

As with any career, whether it be online or in a brick and mortar, do your research and make sure that the position you are looking to sign up with is a real online work opportunity and not just another get rich quick scheme. The legit jobs are out there you just have to take the time to find them. Below you will find a few sites that can help you get started and point you in the direction of legit internet work that you can do from the comfort of your own home or from behind an office desk.

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