I Saw a Ghost

First of all, I want to set the record straight. I’m not a psychic. Going to haunted houses is not something I do for fun. I’m not involved with any occult. I’ve never used a Ouija board and have never been possessed by spirits. I don’t even have super powers (but I wish I do). I’m just an ordinary girl with one extraordinary experience.

My Paranormal Experience

When I was in third grade, my sister and I accompanied our mom to a dentist for her checkup. It was a sunny day. We walked into what I remembered to be a small compound. We climbed the stairs of an old two-storey building and went into the dark clinic. There were no windows (at least that was what I remembered) which made the room even darker.

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We were very early so we were the first and the only patients that time. My mom told us to wait for her at the waiting area while she proceeded into the bright room with the dentist. Our only source of light was from the translucent window of the room. Though it was dark, my sister and I were delighted to have the waiting area by ourselves.

While we were waiting, I heard someone knocked. Since we were alone, the dentist was thoughtful enough to lock the door as a safety precaution. The dentist was inside the room with my mom. Obviously, they didn’t hear the knock. I didn't want to bother the dentist but I was too shy to open the door. Eventually, I decided to open it. It could be a patient.

When I swung open the door, I was greeted with darkness. A figure of an old man was standing in front of me. It looked like a scene from a ghost horror movie. He was covered with smoke and I couldn't make out his face. I still didn't realize what he was, so I moved aside to let him in. He didn't move, which I found very strange. After a few seconds of staring at the mysterious figure, I got scared and quickly shut the door. I was worried about being impolite, but my instinct told me to close the door. My sister asked me, "Who is it?" I was speechless so I simply shrugged.

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My mom finally emerged from the room. I didn’t know what happened to her teeth, but that was the least of my concern at that moment. As we were getting ready to go out, I hid behind her. She opened the door and as I was expecting, it was back to normal. The sun was shining innocently. The eerie smoke had vanished. The “man” was long gone. We went home and I didn't mention anything to my family.

My Realization

Several months later, while I was lying on my bed, I suddenly remembered my encounter with the “man” at the clinic. I don’t know why I suddenly remembered it and how I realized that it was a ghost. I just did. As a kid, I never believed in ghosts. But from that moment on, I became a believer. After my sister came into our room, I told her my realization. Her eyes widened and then she said that she saw the eerie smoke, too. I wished she had seen the figure so at least I knew what I really saw.

The Unseen World

I know some people who can see ghosts. A friend told me that people can see ghosts in varying degrees. People with a weak sixth sense can merely see figures or silhouettes. Others cannot see them but can feel, hear, or smell them. On the other hand, individuals with a strong sixth sense can see ghosts in an incredibly great detail. They can see the color of their clothes, their faces, and even their facial expressions.

My sister had shared with me about her close encounter with a spirit. Several years ago, she was on her way to her class with a friend who had a strong sixth sense. It was nighttime. As they were climbing the narrow stairs to their classroom, my sister’s friend suddenly swerved and grabbed onto the handrail while letting out a startled cry. She told my sister later on that a “male student” was running up the stairs as if he was getting late for class. My sister didn’t see anyone. Since then, my sister didn’t want to wander around the campus alone during nighttime.

Most of the time, ghosts go around minding their own businesses. On the other hand, there are some spirits that interact with people. Some of my friends have experienced being grabbed on the leg while sleeping. It would sometimes leave marks on their leg.

Once, I went on a school trip with my classmates. According to my "gifted" friends, the place we visited had a very strong presence of paranormal entities. For this reason, they believed that the place was a portal to another dimension. Some ghosts they saw seemed angry and would glare at them. They seemed to hate our presence. The next morning, a friend found bruises on her leg. It was the shape of a small hand. I was thankful that nothing worse had happened.

Portal to Another WorldCredit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/paulobrandao/2657417533

Three Knocks

According to an old superstition, hearing three knocks means that someone in the family will die. Some people disagree and believe that the three knocks signifies the presence of paranormal entities. I can’t confirm this since I’ve only had one experience with the knocking and I wasn’t able to count the knocks. And fortunately, no one I knew had died around that time.


Many of these paranormal entities are human spirits who have not yet gone to the light. However, some of these spirits are inhuman and demonic in nature.

In an interview with Lorraine Warren, a renowned paranormal investigator, she said that faith can protect us from these paranormal entities. Some individuals who had been haunted by spirits had also claimed how their faith in God had saved them from these entities.

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