The many, many wonderful comments received in support of music for children

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The Internet hosts many articles that describe the importance of music. Many of us realize how important musical eduction is for children. It soothes them with relaxing melodies and beats. Children memorize tunes and lyrics and hold on to wonderful feelings brought by the beat. Sometimes they will remember for the rest of their lives how their mood is affected.

This effect on children has not gone un-noticed by parents, grandparents and others. Many people have commented on articles telling that their children have benefited so much from music. Some have mentioned how fine arts affected them. There have been many passionate comments given that show just how important songs are to so many people. Sadly, despite the obvious support, school musical programs are always in danger of being cut. When faced with monetary shortfalls, administrators always seem to marginalize the benefits of all fine arts. This means that when cuts are made, arts in general, music in particular, are often first to go. This is a sad fact in so many jurisdictions.

Rather than focus on the struggle for funding, the support of the arts, as shown by received comments, is highlighted here. By reading through the top comments, and noting the statistics, you may see trends, examples and patterns that may help you to support your local musical programs.

Consider the impact that another music for children article has had. This article has received 139 postive votes from readers. It has received an award for excellence. It has been cited by 21 individuals. Well over 100 people have left comments describing how fine arts has been important to them and their children, how school educational programs were deeply important to them, how tragic it is when funding is cut from the facilities. If you want to see real passion for the subject, check out those comments.

The top supporting comments received on the topic:

As the parent of a 2-year-old kid who Sat on Santa's knee and asked for an Itzak Perleman record for Christmas and the following year asked for violin lessons, I can certainly attest to the value of musical skill and it is never too young to start!

Yes. I used to play the trumpet in a schools band - but would never of had the opportunity if my school had not been able partially fund the instrument.
Very important topic. The arts are all too often overlooked in schools and are the first to go when budgets get cut. Very sad situation.
Music is a very important part of children's education. They have to be exposed to good sounds in the same way as they are exposed to all the other subjects. It's part of gaining knowledge about the world they live in.
I always think that a musical program is one of most important thing for child.
I benefited greatly from piano and clarinet lessons in my youth. I made sure that my children were able to have the opportunity to learn something about this art through school programs.
I have memories of Wagner, opera and Mozart in the sixties, somehow I missed out on the Beatles and Stones altogether. Music is an extremely important part of child development.

American Idol

This program lets normal people show their musical talent. Completely unknown people perform on stage, often surprising judges with their level of ability. This type of situation has done a lot to bring out people who were reluctant to show their talent. Some, like Susan Boyle, have been very successful as a result.

Musical instruction at an early age is often the best way to discover innate ability. School music teachers have ways to develop these abilities. With proper encouragement, the student is able to advance. This may become derailed, in many cases. Better attention to the fine arts may help to prevent such trouble. 

Star Musicians 

Around the world, many of the most talented stars are musicians. Many have had playing careers that stretched for many decades. Whether solo artists, or part of a group, these people have become extremely famous.

Paul McCartney

Sir Paul, of the Beatles, is one of the most beloved stars of our age, and perhaps of all time. He was extremely famous when he was a member of the "Fab Four". He later duplicated his fame with his band "Wings". In addition, he has worked in many duets, and larger informal groups. His talent was developed at a young age and he was able to work this into a fabulous career.


She has been very famous for many years. Her background involves many of the performing arts. Who can forget her acting in "A League of Their Own"? She showed ability well beyond that of a musician.

Shania Twain

Canada's heartthrob, Shania broke onto the scene at a young age. She proceeded to become extremely famous through her songs, and her great looks. Many people are incredibly impressed by this woman as she rose above a difficult childhood and became a star, regardless.

Willie Nelson

This country legend has received a large number of positive comments for many years. He was a star in the earliest days of broadcasting, starting in 1956. In addition, his style has made him one of the most recognizable artists in country music history. Willie Nelson has also acted in over 30 films and has authored several books. He has used his fame in order to advance various causes that are important to him.

Justin Bieber

This young man certainly attracts a great many comments. Unfortunately for him, many are specific to his life choices, not his work. He rose to lofty heights of stardom quickly and may not have been prepared for the reality. Having a great deal of wealth, he was able to obtain anything he desired. This resulted in many problems with others, including law enforcement. Recently, he has reportedly quit using drugs and alcohol. This may be a great start for the young man. Since he has over 59.5 million fans on Twitter, his now positive example may be a boon for his whole generation.

 Agnetha Fältskog

This popular member of the band Abba attracted a great number of comments, mostly positive, when she was active in the musical scene of the 1970's. Perhaps one of the most attractive women of the era, she was closely scrutinized. In the end, she felt that the pressure of the public's attention was quite too much to endure. She retired from public life quite early. Her talent was never in question, however. Many millions of fans fondly remembered her in the 40 year period after her retirement.

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