Bikini Chair

Women have many choices available for swimsuits but one of the most popular choices is the simple bikini. The bikini comes in many forms including the traditional cut bikini, the micro bikini, the G-string bikini, as well as many other forms, cuts and styles. One of the popular bikinis of the last few years is the traditional cut bikini with a generic brand logoed onto the upper piece of the bikini.

As popular as some of these "fake logos" are there are a few real slogans from famous products that should never adorn a bikini.

Where's The Beef?- Wendy's restaraunt classic slogan that captured the world back in the 1980's may be funny but would look tack if it was on a bikini top, especially if the lady wearing the bikini was flat chested.

High Performance, Delivered. - This slogan by Accenture may be good for their business but may make you appear to be a floozy when you're at the beach.

Once you pop, you can't stop. Pringles potato chips taste great but imagine having their logo located on your bikini. Anywhere on your bikini it would look tacky. As with the above slogan from Accenture, this would also make you look like a Floozy on the beach.

"Nothin' says lovin' like something from the oven".- Pillsbury makes some great eats but if you don't want to be the girl all the other girls laugh at don't wear this slogan on your bikini at the beach unless you're pregnant.

"Finger lickin' good". - KFC makes some great fried chicken but do you really want to have this slogan on your bikini? Especially the bottom piece?

"Good to the Last Drop". - Maxwell House makes good coffee and great commercials around Christmas time. I actually think this slogan might be cute on your bikini.

"Tastes Great, Less Filling". Miller Lites famous advertising slogan would look great on your bikini if you had a heavyset friend with you who was wearing a single piece swimsuit.

None of these slogans above are recommended to be emblazoned on your bikini but then again if you want one then "Just Do It!" like Nike would tell you too. Custom Bikinis should be a way to express yourself and if you want a cheesy slogan on your bikini then go ahead but you may be looked down up on by the other visitors to the beach. Then again, who cares what Jimmy's mom thinks about you…The only thing that matters is what Jimmy's dad thinks about it.