tropical paradiseVacations are fabulous aren't they? Nothing can beat relaxing on the beach enjoying the surf and sun, sitting in a hammock and watching the sunset with a margarita that should be famous. The locals are the best people on the earth, so much better than those people you know back home, so much happier and kinder. The town is taken straight out of a fairy tale, you can see yourself living there, walking those streets, enjoying that margarita day in and day out without a care in the world. You may tell yourself: This is the life isn't it! Isn't it?

No doubt, living overseas, abroad, and in another country seems wonderful when you are on a vacation. Why not buy property here and make this vacation last forever? In this case you might want to take your friends advice and listen to them when they tell you "Slow down tiger!" A life changing decision is never best made on a whim while on a vacation. Moving to a new country is a huge step. What you experience while on vacation might not be the reality of what life would be like if you moved there. Quite often the reality of the situation is much more... well real than you ever expected. Once the honeymoon of a new home in a sunny country has worn off, the reality of day to day life often sets in.

Spending at least 6 months in your 'paradise' will give you a good idea of what kind of town it actually is. For example in places like Playa Del Carmen and Manzanillo you will find that a town can change drastically depending on what season you come in. It's a good idea to experience not only the high season but also the low season.

Also selling and re-buying can cost a lot of money depending on which country you are moving too. So to save you money and headaches, take time to see a town for what it actually is.

What kind of a lifestyle do I really want?

Dream HousePlaces like the US, Canada, and the UK can be summed up into one word: Convenience. It is undoubtedly the most comfortable country in the world. What you want and need is there, easily accessible practically at all times of the day.

Other countries on the other hand can be quite the opposite. Whether you are looking at settling by the beach or inland, life tends to be set at a slower pace. Adventure is plentiful and living can be inexpensive. But you may loose a lot of the convenience that many have been accustomed to in the U.S.

Which of the two sounds more appealing to you personally? It is very important to consider this questions before buying property overseas. Whether it is certain food items that can't be found abroad or something as simple as decent clothing to wear, not being able to find exactly what you need can be quite frustrating. It can be quite a culture shock if you do not consider what changes you will have to make in your daily life in a new environment.

Living and retiring abroad can change anybodies life for the better, and it's never wrong to chase your dreams... well almost never. But sometimes it's good to take a step back and do your research first so you know what exactly you are getting into.