=== Reality of Politics ===

Why is politics a nasty business?

Politics is ones ability to manipulate others. So, what is the difference between manipulation and motivation?

Manipulation is one individual convincing another to perform an act that is only beneficial to the manipulator.

Motivation is one individual convincing another to perform an act that is beneficial to both parties or is simply assistance for another.

A few examples will clarify the difference between the two.

Motivation - A coach motivates an athlete. A teacher motivates a student. A parent motivates a child. A church motivates its followers. A wife motivates her spouse to repair a dripping sink.

Manipulation - A dictator manipulates a society. A thief manipulates a victim or a situation. An advertiser manipulates an audience to purchase shoddy goods. A pimp manipulates a lonely person.

Political ThirstCredit: cliff1066, cc, flickrPolitics, though presented as serving others, is a self-serving game of manipulation. The tools of the trade are trade-offs, payouts, and misinformation. Politics is the process of bartering, of negotiating, and of receiving. Politics is the process of taking from others what is not rightfully theirs. Politics instills power through force. Politics decimates the soul of a society. Politics cries foul to cover their personal misdeeds.

Counter to the nasty business of politics is public service, which provides for others.

Public service is good. It is right. Public service is the motivation of others (and self-motivation) to act in a way that will positively impact the lives of others. Public service is a catalyst for non-profit organizations and charitable contributions. Public service provides power to others without asking for benefit. Public service is good will. Public service provides opportunity and hope.

Throughout history many politicians have risen to power and fallen quickly. The combination of politics and religion has crippled nations and has created many of our world's deadliest wars. From the Crusaders to the rise of the Nazi's, politicians have masked their thirst for power as religious conviction. The ensuing persecution of others led entire nations to horrific behavior. Through public service men and woman have fought to end bloodshed, giving their lives so that others may live in peace.

A soldier walks in a parade, not to say what they have done, but to silently say what others should not have to face. Thank you for your service!

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