Many newbies think of making money online as a mean to get rich.

They dream of having a few thousand dollars per month from their effort in making money online.

Reality soon sets in. When they check their paypal account, they are more likely to see $10 per month in income instead of $10,000 per month.

For every person who makes $10,000 per month online, there are 10,000 persons who make just $1 per month online.

That is the reality of making money online.

It is true that the entry barrier is very low. Even students can make money online. As long as you have access to computer and internet a few hours a week, you can start to make money online.

The problem is in making enough money to cover the cost of living in your country.

Some people are happy to click throughout the day. They are clicking Pay-to-Click websites for ten hours a day.

The earning is enough to pay most of their bills since they live in low cost countries.

For others, an earning of $500 per month is not even enough to pay a quarter of the mortgage. They need to continue working full time, and spend 4 hours per night on making money online.

What are the ways of making money online? What are the realistic earning from each method?

1. Pay-to-Click

PTC or Pay-to-Click websites is the worst possible way of making money online.

Even when you have a few hundred referrals, you can never make enough money for survival.

Most people do not exceed $10 per day even when they have a few active referrals. If you can avoid this method, you can make better money elsewhere.

2. Discussion forum

There are some paid discussion forums.

One of the fastest growing is Mylot. Most people earn from their postings. A single lengthy post pays more than a hundred short posts.

Two hours of posting in Mylot per day will yield $15 to $20 per month. However, the income is not passive income. The minute you stop posting, your earning stops.

Most paid discussion forums require you to have Google Adsense account. That means the websites do not pay you, you earn through the clicks from your advertisements. This is a more common method of paid discussion forums.

Using Google Adsense allows the users to earn passive income. As long as he has a bulk of discussion threads, he can continue to earn from them.

3. Selling articles

You can join Constant-Content or Dailyarticle to sell your content.

You write the articles, set your selling price, and wait for sales. This requires you to know the market very well.

You can check out the forums in Constant-Content to have a feel of the best selling articles.

A 500-word article can sell for $100. After deduction of commission, the writer can gain a net income of $66 per article.

The problem is that sales is hard to predict. There may be no sale for a month, and 20 sales in the next month.

Writers for Dailyarticle do not earn at this rate. The rate for a 400-word article is about $20.

If you join Helium as a writer, you can check out the Marketplace. The buyers will post their requirements in the Marketplace, and writers write the content. The buyer will select the article that meets his requirement.

The writers in Helium earn from upfront and advertising revenue. It is common for a writer with 500 articles to earn $500 or more per month, even without participating in Marketplace.

4. Writing articles as a freelancer

You can write articles as a freelancer.

You need to join Guru, Elance, Getafreelancer, Odesk, Textbroker, and other freelancing websites to get writing assignments.

Bear in mind that these are often low paying assignments. That means you are writing articles and earn $1 for every 100 words.

The buyers are webmasters and bloggers. They do not require perfect English. However, they want original content, and they want a bulk of original content.

It is a common practice for a webmaster to place order for 100 articles on a given topic. Some webmasters require one original content, and 10 manually spun articles from that original piece.

Some writers earn $500 to $1,000 per month. Speed of writing articles is a major factor for determining the income level.

A new writer who writes just 4 articles per day cannot earn much. You need to learn the trick of writing 20 articles per day to make $1,000 or more per month.

5. Writing articles for page views and Adsense income

Many writers prefer to write for Adsense income.

They join Adsense revenue sharing sites such as Triond, Hubpages, InfoBarrel, Snipsly, Jevitt and other similar websites.

While Adsense revenue is one of the common methods of monetizing an article, it does not make you rich.

It is rare for a writer to earn more than $400 from Google Adsense in a month.

If you have 3,000 articles online to earn from Google Adsense, you can expect more than $100 per month from Google Adsense.

If you are new to writing for Adsense, you may need to write continuously for 4 months to get the first check of $100.

The earnings depend on your targeted audience, the Adsense revenue sharing component, the topic of your content, and other seo elements.

6. Play game

The players who earn big money are the ones who play MMORPG. MMORPG stands for Multi-Massive Online Role Playing Game.

MMORPG is very addictive. You can go without sleep for the sake of taking part in guild wars.

You do not even feel tired when you are fighting.

Many players have played different MMORPG for ten years or more. They hate the monotonous leveling. They like the excitement of the guild wars.

That is why some players earn big money. They build up a character to a high level, such as level 100 or level 200. Once the character is high enough, they sell the id away.

They sell gold, and rare equipments for a high price as well. Most companies ban players from selling gold or equipment. However, it is hard to ban players from selling their accounts away.

Those are the ones commonly known as gold farmers. Most of them come from China. They play 12 hours per day for the sake of gathering gold, and building the character.

If you love to play game, this is an option to make money online.

The rate of earning depends on the popularity of the characters you are selling.

7. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is the best method for making money online. However, it is the most challenging method for a newbie.

Many people give up after a couple of months. They fail to make a single cent.

Affiliate marketing requires time, effort and innovation in order to make the first cent.

You are likely to send out a few hundred tweets before you make the first sale. You are likely to write 300 articles before making the first sale.

The first sale may not even earn more than $10 in commission. The first sale from Amazon affiliate program is likely to earn just one dollar for you.

Some people work very hard for 6 months before making the first sale.

The first sale does not mean payout. It will take a few months of hard work to reach the minimum payout.

Affiliate marketing is the best method due to the unlimited potential for making money. There are super affiliate marketers who make more than $10,000 per month.

What is your experience in making money online? What is your goal of making money online?

You can dream of earning big money. However, you must prepare to work very hard to make your dream come true.

Since there are many methods to earn big money, you need to choose the method that makes the greatest sum of money for you.