With the internet being such a valuable resource for finding any product under the sun, it may seem easy to find really cheap skateboards. But making the decision to seek out and buy really cheap skateboards can sometimes backfire on you. When you actually go to do your shopping, it may not seem as easy anymore, and often times it can be pretty tricky.

You may find yourself a bit hesitant to buy really cheap skateboards because you're afraid that perhaps it's not a quality product, or maybe it's priced so low because it has a bad reputation, or there's something wrong with it. These are all very common thoughts amongst weary buyers, and I think it's good to think that way, otherwise you'd be getting ripped off left and right, never realizing why. By the time you get done reading this article, you should have a much better understanding of whether or not it's worth buying really cheap skateboards, with a list of pros and cons, where to buy them, and which ones present the most bang for your limited buck.

Which Really Cheap Skateboards Are Worth Buying?

The answer to this question depends on what you consider a really cheap skateboard. Are you looking to buy a deck or a complete? Completes usually sell for anywhere from $120-$150 or sometimes more. If you're looking for a really cheap skateboard complete, you're going to want to look in the price range of $80-$110 if you want one that's worth buying. The biggest problem with trying to buy really cheap skateboards that are completes, is that much of the time the bearings and trucks are of lower quality that most skaters desire. Usually the really cheap skateboards that come complete are best for beginners at the sport. However, decks are a much different story.

Most decks sell for about $50-$60 on average, so I think anything under $40 should be considered a really cheap skateboard deck. When you start getting lower than $20, you run the risk of getting a poor-quality product.

Finding Really Cheap Skateboard Decks That Are Quality

Really Cheap Skateboards (Blank Decks)The best way of finding really cheap skateboards at low prices is to look for ones between $20-$40 that are either blank decks or older models. Older models tend to drop in price when the new ones come out, thus making a really cheap skateboard with all the benefits of a normal priced one, only not as new. It's still new to you, though.

If you're looking for really cheap skateboards, your best bet is to look for blank decks. These are a lot lower in price than your average board because they are usually made by smaller companies and you don't have to pay extra for all of the graphics on the bottom, because it's blank. These are honestly the best way to go if you're looking to buy really cheap skateboards because as long as you're buying from a reputable dealer, you can get these blank decks for as low as $20 and they are still made with the same wood, same ply, and same dimensions as the normal priced boards with graphics. You can get two really cheap skateboards for the price of one normal priced one and still benefit from the same durability and performance.

Where To Buy Really Cheap Skateboards

Really cheap skateboards can be found in a few stores, but the best way to find them is by shopping online. Out in the real world you can find them at your local skate shop. A lot of times you can find some clearance items that need to be sold to make room for new products. This is your chance to snag a great deal. Some skate shops even have a special section of really cheap skateboards that have been used and donated, or sometimes sold, by local skaters who don't want them anymore. Usually they are still in pretty good condition, but it's not always the case. At least when you're shopping in the store, you can get a good look at them before you buy them.

If you're looking for really cheap skateboard completes, stores like Dick's Sporting Goods, Wal-Mart, and MC Sports will have World Industries completes which sell for very low prices compared to the other major brands.

Really Cheap Skateboards (Completes)Shopping for really cheap skateboards online is a lot more effective and much less time consuming compared to shopping in stores, though. When you look online there's just so many more options to choose from. However, this can sometimes be an issue if you are indecisive. You also have to make sure you are not getting ripped off. Reputable retailers like CCS and SkateAmerica are where you are going to find the best quality really cheap skateboards whether they're blanks or just older models on sale for discount prices. eBay could easily be recommended as well, as long as you buy from the right dealers. I wouldn't attempt trying to buy a really cheap skateboard that's used from eBay or Craig's List because you can't tell what kind of condition the product is actually in.

The main things to remember when you go to buy really cheap skateboards online is to make sure to read the descriptions and features of each product. Make sure you are getting your money's worth and try to figure out why they are priced so low. There are a few popular skate companies that make some low-priced decks and the occasional complete as well. Be on the look-out for sales and discounts and be sure to shop around. The internet is a wonderful thing, take full advantage of it. You have literally dozens of options at your fingertips, use them.

Pros And Cons Of Really Cheap Skateboards

Now onto the almighty pros and cons list. Take a look, and make your own judgment.


One of the big things to remember is that most of the time you are not going to be compromising quality for low price when you buy a really cheap skateboard, as long as you use my advice in this article. A lot of skate companies price their boards the way they do simply because they can; they know people will still buy them. Some skate companies don't care about being super-rich, and offer really cheap skateboards that are great quality.

Blank decks from reputable dealers have the same skatability as the vast majority of the pricier boards. One of the things you're paying for in that sweet looking deck you got for $50, are those graphics. You know, those awesome graphics that are going to be rubbed or scratched off within weeks of purchasing? Get a blank deck, and design it yourself. On second thought, why not do that and then re-sell them to your buddies at the skate park? Blank decks may not be attractive, but they are normally of the same quality standards as any other deck you find.

So to summarize the pros:

  • You don't have to compromise quality for low price most times
  • You can buy two blanks for the price of one name brand deck
  • You can make your own artwork on blanks and re-sell them for profit


There aren't too many feelings in this world that are worse than the feeling of being ripped off. Unfortunately, if you're trying to buy really cheap skateboards, you run the risk of being ripped off and wasting your money, defeating the purpose of your original intentions altogether. However, this is why I created this article, and if you take my advice, you will lower your risk. Don't buy a $10 deck on some obscure website and expect it to last for more than a week or two. Be sensible and reasonable, keeping in mind how much a new name brand deck costs these days.

The only other negative I can think of is that when you get blank or discounted decks on sale, they are not as attractive as the name brands. It's always nice to have a sweet design on the bottom of your board, but in all reality is it really worth the extra cost? You know it's not going to be visible within a month or two anyway, and it's not like the artwork make the board perform any better.

Summarizing the cons:

  • Small chance of getting a raw deal
  • Really cheap skateboards sometimes aren't very pretty

So now you have some tips you might not have thought about before that could potentially save you some money and also prevent you from getting a bad deal. It is possible to find really cheap skateboards that are great deals and totally worth buying, and now you are a few steps closer to getting one of your own. Good luck!

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