The more I research ways to decorate my garden, the more I realize that there are a ton of options that don’t require construction or renovation or running wires or water lines, and when I found this solar powered wall fountain I was quite excited!

Up until now I had thought one day we would install some kind of water feature on the back of the shed wall that actually is the wall I get to stare at if sitting on our patio.  It is a clean painted wall but very boring and I had thought about getting a wall fountain or some kind of feature but I was told I would need to run conduit for electricity and I would need to drill a hole in the house to get to the wiring.

I then put this option out of my mind as being a pain and too expensive and started looking at ways to brighten up the wall.  I started to find things to decorate my yard and patio such as wrought iron décor and other whimsical things for the garden, when I came across a huge line of solar garden décor products.

I must admit I have been pleasantly surprised by the solar technology because it was only a few short years ago, the only thing available were those path lights you stuck in the ground and they really didn’t light anything up, just more of a glow that didn’t last very long and I usually tripped over them.

But now the solar panels are smaller and the cute little things you can get have expanded.  No more running wires all over the yard.  I love just how portable all this technology has become.  I can move it anywhere as long as it can get some sun on the panel.  You can even get fiber optic sun powered flowers to light up your garden at night.

This wall fountain appealed to me because it looks modern and trendy and it would be something to not only look at and appreciate as a piece of art, but to also enjoy the ambiance and tranquility of running water.

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Wall Mounted Solar Cascade
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(price as of Oct 20, 2015)
This installs fast and only needs the sun to work, no running electrical wires.

You get 5 meters of cable with this that attach to the solar panel, so you simply place the panel somewhere nearby where it can absorb the light.  The water cascades from container to container and then back again with the concealed water pump.

It is lightweight and easy to install, just like hanging a picture on the wall and fill with water.

I think this is a really cool and affordable way to have the water feature I wanted without deconstructing the patio to run power or water, plus it decorates that boring wall.  These are great looking pieces of art. 

If you would like a water feature but don’t have the floor room, then hanging one on the wall like this one would be a great way to get the running water you like to hear without taking up precious seating area.

I like finding all these different ideas online.  My local garden center doesn’t have the variety that I can find online, especially when I want something a little different.  So, if you like the idea of a water feature and don’t want to be spending money on electricity, then take a look at the solar powered wall fountains that you can get and brighten up your space instantly and affordably.