There is no birthday more memorable for a family than a baby's first birthday. Often so many milestones are taking place right around the same time, that a first birthday is a really exciting point for the parents.

Of course, your baby is not going to remember much about their first birthday, except for what you might capture in pictures, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't try to make baby's first birthday a fun and special event to remember.

Keep in mind that most of what you plan is going to be for the older kids and adults to enjoy. Although your one year old might participate in some activities there are many things they won't be ready for.

Here are some great 1st birthday party themes to get your creative juices flowing. The most obvious of the first birthday party themes is using the number 1. You can take this idea and really run with it in all sort of fun and silly ways. The number 1 can be used to decorate your party and your cake. There are many theme party supplies that incorporate the number 1.

Often you can find Disney character or other popular cartoon characters, teddy bear, or animals that are all part of a number 1 theme. All of these things are fun and cute ways to use something from popular culture and incorporate the number 1.

Using a zoo theme is great for a first birthday. Often kids at that age love pictures of animals. By having a zoo themed party you can use animals for decorations. There are great gift bag treats that can be put together with little animal figurines and candies. You can use the zoo animal theme to decorate your space and really have fun with it. You could even get safari hats for all the guests to wear.

Similar to the zoo theme is the farm theme. With the farm theme you can encourage your guests to dress up like famers. Hold the party outdoors and decorate with hay bales for people to sit on. If your budget allows, you can hire a horse for rides. Many local farms will also allow birthday parties on their grounds. If you are able to do this your guests will be able to feed goats, sheep and chickens. On these farms will also give you chance to milk farm animals and go on hay rides.

A fairy theme is another fun and simple way to celebrate your baby's first birthday. With a fairy theme you can set up a face painting station, a bubble blowing station, and a 'flying' station with a trampoline. All of these things are a good way to incorporate the fun of the fairy realm. Your guests will have a magical time in the fairy world.

With so many options it will be easy to plan a baby's first birthday with a variety of party themes. What does your little one really like? Use some of these things to plan a great party that everyone will remember.