I am always looking for time saving tips, and organizing, space saving tricks.  A do it yourself, Mrs. fix it, type of person.  My husband, friends, and family are always amazed at some of the inventions I come up with on my own.  But not all of the tips/tricks loved and used around home are my idea's, as I will go looking for them also.  And for this, I turn to my computer. 
You can find out how to fix, clean, or organize just about any thing searching for it on line, often with step-by-step instructions, often accompanied with pictures or video. 
Most of us today live in a world where time is of the essence.  And any thing that helps save us time is a good thing.   For those of us that live on a budget, saving money comes into play also.
Wrapping Paper(127345)

Organize Wrapping Paper

Save the cardboard roll from your paper towels or toilet paper.  Make one straight cut up the side of the roll.   Place this tube around a roll of gift wrapping paper.  This will hold and keep your gift wrap roll from unrolling, becoming torn and wrinkled.  
I always stock up on gift wrap, gift boxes, and bows, buying when on sale at the end of Christmas.  Buy other types of gift wrap whenever you find it on sale or discounted.  This will keep you in a constant supply, never running out, and save you time and money.  
Shoe Organizer

Many Uses For Shoe Organizer

This is one of my favorites.  An over-the-door shoe organizer becomes handy in many ways.  Use it in a bathroom for shampoo, cream rinse, curling iron, any bathroom item you like at your finger tips, that will fit into a pocket. 
Use in your home office, hang on a wall or back of a door.  The pockets will hold pens, pencils, stapler, what ever will fit.  It will make finding things much easier, and will keep your office area more organized.
In the garage or husbands work shop.  The shoe organizer will keep his smaller tools within reach, and more organized.  Nothing I hated more then looking for a screw driver in my husbands tool box.  Now the smaller tools have their own see through pocket.  No more digging around in a messy box full of every tool one can think of. 
Pool Noodle

Child Safety Using A Pool Noodle

When a small child is making the transition from crib to bed, keep them from rolling out and onto  the floor.  When making the bed, place a pool noodle underneath the bottom sheet.  If both sides of the bed are open, place a pool noodle on both sides.  Tuck the bottom sheet in well.  This will keep the child from rolling out, and save them from possible injury.

Saving Paint and Mess

If you have ever painted right from the paint can, then you know just how messy it can be.  Well here is the solution, buy rubber bands that will stretch from the bottom to the top of the paint can.  Make sure they are thick and not thin.  You can now use this rubber band to remove paint from your brush.  This keeps the area around the top of the can clean, less of a mess for putting the lid back on, and no paint running down the outside of the can.
Can Opener(127370)

Blister Pack Frustration

We all know how frustrating those dang blister packed items can be getting into.  Be frustrated no more when getting one open.  Simply use your hand held can opener.  Much safer and easier then using a knife or some other sharp object.  Just lock the opener on a flat surface of the blister pack, crank the handle, and  your in.
These are just a few tips that are helpful in everyday life.  More will be added later in another post.  I hope some of the things listed here, will help make some ones day, a little bit better in some small way.