Sunlight is essential to our good health both mentally and physically

Our bodies need vitamin D and will manufacture enough to meet your bodies needs, if you have enough exposure to the sun. Since too many American's (children especially) do not get enough time outside during daylight hours to manufacture their own Vitamin D, the FDA has mandated that certain foods must be fortified with this essential bone building and vital nutrient.

Our skin is considered as the bodies largest organ and one of it's most important functions is to manufacture enough Vitamin D to support other essential bodily functions.
But more on that later...

Did you know that there are numerous other reasons why we should be enjoying Ole Sol?

Vitamin D supports our Immune System
There are numerous diseases and conditions that can affect us if we do not receive enough Vitamin D. Everyone needs to understand that exposure to the sun's radiation causes a chemical change in the skin that helps our body to manufacture it's own Vitamin D.

Vitamin D provides protection against osteoporosis by increasing bone density.

Not enough Vitamin D causes numerous other disease conditions like Rickets.
This is another reason why the milk provided for sale in this country is fortified with Vitamin D.

Vitamin D supports your muscles and reduces Cancer risks!
But you should also be aware that Vitamin D also reduces muscle weakness and also reduces your risk of more than a dozen types of internal cancers?

You can also get Vitamin D from your diet
Many foods provide Vitamin D like;
Cod Liver Oil
Salmon (canned)

Understand that sun exposure also reduces the risk of Multiple Sclerosis!
Multiple Sclerosis risk increases the closer you are to the North Pole. Those people who live in the more northern states are at a greater risk of developing this devastating disease than those living in Southern States. Canada and Alaska have the highest number of citizens with Multiple Sclerosis than anywhere else in the American Continent.
This risk is greatest for those who are children that grow up in Northern states until age 12. However Multiple Sclerosis tends to develop in adulthood and is more common in women than in men. Statistically if you grow up in the northern states to age 12 and do not receive enough sun exposure your risk of developing Multiple Sclerosis is far greater than if you moved to those states after age 12. If you live in the Northern States, your Children should be encouraged to spend as much time outside during daylight hours as possible to reduce their overall risk of developing this devastating disease.

There are numerous benefits to Vitamin D
Understand the effect Sunlight has on Mood.

Exposure to sunlight increases feel good endorphins and acts as a natural anti-depressant.

Weather commonly affects mood in people and depression and suicide rates go up during dark and dreary winter days. The longer the overcast days the more people become depressed, irritable and angry.

In Alaska and some other northern states the use of Sun lamps during the long dark days of winter is often prescribed to help combat depression.

Tips & Warnings
- Use sunscreen as directed with at least an SPF of 15 while you are outside
- Don't forget the sunscreen when you are enjoying the summer months as the increase in UVB radiation causes sunburn and also an increase if skin cancer risk
- Try to restrict your outside activities to avoid the times between 11am and 4pm as the UVB radiation exposure is the highest during these times.