Of the over 300,000,000+ Global Users on Facebook, a casual search on Facebook reveals absolutely no Groups that have been dedicated to the Info Barrel website platform, and it's dedicated worldwide user base of hard-working writers.at least until now! Not only have I created this Facebook group in order to foster tremendous growth of the Info Barrel community, but, in this series of articles, I will also detail exactly how joining this group will work significantly in your OWN best interest, in a variety of ways. While this exhaustive series of Info Barrel articles will be lengthy, I will show you exactly how we can accomplish great things simultaneously, to include promoting each individual new member's selected articles, as well as, developing an awesome external community that will grow (and, I'll teach you how to get Info Barrel referrals out of this arrangement, as well!)

This Concept, and Experiment with utilizing the Facebook Platform to not only grow the Info Barrel Community, but, to also, promote referrals, as well as the articles of many members, will be based on my own personal experience of utilizing the current functionality of Facebook Groups to do the same exact thing with my 250,000+ member Facebook Group.

Reason #1: I have intentionally structured the framework of this group to encourage attraction of current, dedicated, Info Barrel members. In order to do this, I have included several threads, on this Facebook Group's Discussion Board, where you can continually post your newest articles for maximum exposure as this group continues to grow and expand, while directing quality traffic towards the Info Barrel website, via your articles.

While the inherent functionality of Facebook Group's platform only allows for three threads to be displayed at any one given time, a constant cycle of user interaction, with each new article submitted will continually promote each respective category. These threads have been divided by Info Barrel categories, and your articles, whether newly submitted or older articles, can be added to the same category that parallels where it was submitted on the Info Barrel Website.

For example: If you submitted an article to the "culture" category on Info Barrel, you can submit that same article to this Facebook Group's thread specifically dedicated and pertaining to "culture". As new members are invited, and join, this group, they will gain immediate exposure to the contents of these threads, in order to read any particular article that they find interesting. As if offering you the opportunity to promote your own articles wasn't enough to convince you to JOIN my Info Barrel Facebook Group, I haven't even scratched the surface with completely viable reasons about why joining this Facebook Group will ultimately serve to work in your best interest. Stay-Tuned!