As I approached my retirement I started to research for my retirement destination. I always loved sun and beaches but due to my job, I had to live a major part of my life in cities where I had to yearn for a warm sunny weather. I used to go to tropical countries like Costa Rica, Mexico and Panama whenever I could so get some sun and sand. But I guess it was never enough. As the years passed by my affinity for Mexico only increased due to my frequent vacations to that country. So when the time finally came to choose my retirement home, I knew that Mexico would be my new home. I chose Puerto Vallarta as the place I would be spending the rest of my retired life. There were many reasons to choose Puerto Vallarta and here they are:

1)      Close to my home country: Mexico and Puerto Vallarta are just south of USA. Puerto Vallarta is connected to all major cities in the States. Traveling from Puerto Vallarta to USA and back has never been a problem. My relatives and friends can easily visit me thanks to the frequent flights connected to the Puerto Vallarta International Airport. I am just a few hours away from my homeland!

2)      Weather: Mexico is a tropical delight. Puerto Vallarta is warm all through the year. For a guy like me that’s what the doctor had ordered. No more snows and blizzards for me. Most of the days it’s sunny out there. During the rainy season, it rains frequently. Last year when the most of North American was reeling under severe cold conditions, I was out on the beach sipping on a chilled beer and wondering how I survived all these years.

3)      Cultural Affinity: Mexico’s culture is quite different from USA but it’s not unfamiliar. In fact Americans probably know more about the Mexican culture than any other country’s culture. This made my transition to Mexico seem a lot easier. I had some Latino friends back in USA and knew a smattering of Spanish, which only helped my case.

4)      Affordable living: The cost of living in Mexico is a lot lower than in USA. In USA, sometime it was quite unaffordable for me to hire a handyman, an electrician or a maid but here in Puerto Vallarta, I have a full time maid and I am living a life of luxury. I couldn’t ever dream of such comforts back in USA.

5)      Health care: Mexican hospitals offer world class healthcare facilities at very affordable prices. No wonder, medical tourism is on a rise in Mexico with patients from USA coming here for even complex surgeries conducted at a fraction of cost.

6)      Amenities: Mexico is no more a third world country as it is making rapid strides in development. It has an efficient mobile coverage, first world road & highway network, busy international airports, malls, industrial base and a solid education system. All amenities and facilities are readily available.

If you're buying a retirement home, you have to choose wisely among the various options before you. This article will surely help you in deciding if Puerto vallarta is right for you!