People say money isn't everything, but I tend to disagree. It is not because I am greedy, but I have bills to pay too. Here are some of my reasons why money is everything.

High stress is a major factor in heart disease and other medical problems. Suicide is often cause by extreme stress. When you are able to pay all of your monthly bills on time, you will have a lot less stress.

When you do not have to choose between buying groceries or paying your power bill, you will lead a lot more relaxing life.

Medical Problems
If you do not have insurance and you get sick you may die. If you have insurance you could easily get preventive care which may catch the cancer in its earliest stages thus possibly preventing the spread of the cancer and saving your life.

If you do not have insurance it is probably because you can not afford it. If you have all the money you need you could go visit the doctors when ever you wanted too.

If you want to buy your child something but can jot afford too, you may feel bad about it. What if you found a nice jacket on sale at Target and wanted to purchase it for your daughter, but did not have enough money. I would rather be in the position of simply buying what I need or want when I want too.

Family Life
If you have a lot of residual income coming in then you can spend more time with your family. If your child is in a play at school you will not have to miss it because of your work schedule. Money allows you to spend more time with your family.

The biggest reason that money is everything is freedom. You are free form a 9-5 job, so you can spend more time with your family. Instead of teaching your daughter about France from a book, you fly to France. What better way to experience the French culture.

If you need clothes you can buy them. If you need a new car you can buy one. If you want to spend Christmas in the Holy Land then you can. Money leads to freedom.

Instead of spending time getting help from a charity, you can donate money to charity if you have enough of it. If you want to help find a cure for Psoriasis then you could donate money to a psoriasis foundation that does research on it.

If you have no money and then you are relying on charities.

Money Is Not Bad
Money is not bad. Wanting to make money is not bad. What is bad is when people continually "live off the system" and never try to better themselves.

I want to earn $1,000 a month in residual income off of writing for InfoBarrel. Does that make me a bad person"? Heck no, it simply means I want the freedom to spend more time with my family and to be able to pay my bills on time.