Almost everyone falls into the old trap of thinking that if they have all the money in the world then they are going to finally be completely and utterly happy. However that is simply not the case.  By looking for anything outside of ourselves to provide happiness there are a whole wealth of personal thoughts and emotions that we are ignoring from intuition to the happiness in our hearts.  Money is a thing and like all things it can provide a certain experience however to find true happiness a person needs to learn to look inside them and become happier.

The joy of experience is something that can’t be bought with money. In fact it can often be diminished the more that money is injected into the situation. An experience can be as powerful as a person wants to make it. Taking a walk down a country road provides us with an experience. It is our choice to enjoy it or not. Having more money is not going to make the enjoyment of the walk any greater.  The same is true for anything else that we do, simply by appreciating the experience in the moment there is a chance to find long lasting happiness.  Because once we learn to bring this joy of experience into everything that we do then all moments of each day are going to provide us with happiness.

It has long been assumed by many people that the larger and more expensive our home is the happier we will become. However there was a study done where couples in the United States were studied after moving into a much bigger and more expensive home. After five years almost all of the participants found that even if they enjoyed the room and comfort of the newer home it didn’t provide them with any more measurable happiness in their day to day life than the old home did. In fact there might have been more of a problem.

Having an unlimited supply of money will take away some of the things that make you happy each day. Some of the special things that we do to reward ourselves are going to become common place and lose the satisfaction and happiness that they bring. For example, if you enjoy splurging on jewelry on a special occasion. When unlimited jewelry is at your disposal it will no longer provide the same enjoyment and happiness that it did before. Money in this case is going to take away many of the things that you appreciate in life and think are special.