Dying to Look Good?

There are many very good reasons not to wear makeup. Although you may not have thought of such things before, your health, the environment, and more are at risk every time you wear cosmetics!


Makeup has many undocumented ingredients, some of which are known to be carcinogens. In particular, it's been shown that nail polish and hair colour are very closely linked with cancer. A synthetic fragrance may have over four hundred different chemicals, many of them toxic. Other chemicals in cosmetic products cause allergies or other skin problems. Because these chemicals, which are not listed, are absorbed through the pores in your skin into your body, toxic concentrations can wind up in your liver, kidneys, and other organs, as well as in the fatty tissues of your body. Each time you wear makeup, you are putting these unknown, unlabelled chemicals into your body.


Not only does it cost the environment in terms of manufacturing the makeup, but there are carbon emissions involved in the distribution, sale and marketing of these products (when was the last time you opened a magazine targeted at women without seeing an ad for cosmetics?) Those ads involve logging, sometimes of virgin forests. Even the labels on the bottles and jars require paper, which is rarely made from recycled paper. And of course, carbon emissions are generated by the recycling process. In addition, many chemicals used in cosmetics, such as nail polish, are toxic to the environment. In fact, the only safe way to dispose of nail polish is to take it to the hazardous materials recycling center!


The cosmetic industry makes billions of dollars in profit each year by preying on people's insecurities. By choosing not to wear makeup, you are saving money and time for other, more important pursuits. That money can be invested, and that time can be spent learning a new skill, teaching a new skill, or otherwise in a productive way.


It takes courage to get others to see you as you are, but when they look at you, what they will see is a person who is unafraid of society. It can really bolster your courage and can also send a signal to others that since you are unwilling to deceive them about your appearance, you will likely be honest in other ways, too.


You were created beautiful, and you will be able to celebrate the beauty that you were created with, rather than attempting to mold your face to the likeness popular at the moment. It's freeing to be yourself around everyone else!

If you must wear makeup, wear as little as possible, and consider making your own. An easy way is to start off with dyeing your hair naturally and making your own mascara.

Dying to Look Good
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Do you think because you're buying your cosmetics at the health food store that they are safe to use? After reading this book, you may find yourself rethinking what you buy and how you use it!