There are many reasons why people decide to dye their hair red. Interestingly enough, centuries ago it was not at all popular to be a redhead. In fact, at one point in history, throughout the late 13th century till the late 16th century, thousands of women were hunted down and burned at the stake as witches, with one of the supposed 'marks of the devil' being red hair! They were maligned and poorly treated all throughout much of history, even during the mid 1900's with Adolf Hitler supposedly not allowing two redheads to marry as their children would be deviant. So, now why, after all of these years do so many seek to become redheads?

Apparently sixty percent of women choose to dye their own hair at home. The biggest majority of these women, thirty percent, buy red hair color dye. Red hair dye sales have increased over seventeen percent since 2000. Women and men born with red hair are decreasing. Red hair is a genetic mutation which is quickly dying out. In order for a man and woman to have a red haired child, both must carry this mutated gene. Both a man and a woman may carry the gene and yet not have red hair, thus it can skip generations. Perhaps it is as a result of the fact that fewer natural redheads are being born that have lent an air of mystic to red hair color, and thus has made more people want to experience life as a redhead.

One other great thing about red hair is that usually you have to not only re-think your wardrobe, as some colors really do not complement red hair, but you usually have to also wear totally different make-up. That in itself can be an exciting and refreshing thought especially for people who are a little tired of their present 'look' and want to try something radically different.

There has also been a sudden rash of redhead celebrity's appearing. Of course, whenever fashion and makeup trends surface in Hollywood they influence the thoughts and ideas of thousands who follow their favourite star's every move.

If you are thinking of dyeing your hair one of the many different shades of red, you are certainly in good company. Many people are doing so these days with shades ranging from a soft strawberry blond to a dark red hair color. Then there are also the shocking brilliant reds that some favour, although you do need to be careful-they do not always suit all skin tones. In fact, when dyeing your hair any color it is suggested that you choose a color no more than two shades different than you already are. Thus if you are a brunette and you want to go red you should probably choose a red brown hair color and if you are a blond you may want to go for the light auburn or light strawberry blond look.