Many of us took a wood working class in high school. We often look back on our time in “shop” class with a lot if pride. Our project we made could have sucked, but we still look back with pride at that period. Some of us are still able to work with wood and others of us have no access to woodworking tools. Regardless of which category you fall into here are some reasons people love working with wood.


The smell of fresh wood in  a woodshop is all we need to transport us back to memories of high school in shop class or when we were a child out in the garage with our father while he ripped some boards. Even people who hate working with wood tend to love the smell of a wood shop.



There is a lot of pride to be had when you take some wood boards and transform the wood into a cool wood project such as a table. It can truly feel amazing to know that you were able to transform some plain sheets of wood into a cool project. Even if our skills are not as good as our grandfathers we can still take pride in our work


The number one reason a lot of people work with wood is because it is fun. There are a lot of different tools and unlimited projects you can make. People love the fact that they can make cool projects and then other people will also be able to enjoy it. If you are working in a woodshop and not having fun then you need to find a new project. I find cutting out small pieces with a jigsaw to be very stressful and not very fun; however I love to use the band-saw.

Band saw

In high school the only tool that even came close to the band-saw in royalty was the lathe. We were limited on the use of the lathe and when we did get to use it we only made baseball bats. The band saw was the holy grail of the shop floor. When using a band saw we felt a surge of masculine adrenaline as we shredded a board. The feeling still exists as we get older. The band saw is one cool piece of wood working equipment and I find myself cutting boards periodically even when I have no project in mind.