Alabama may not be as popular as California, but there are a lot of benefits to living in Alabama. Here are some of the top reasons why people are moving and relocating their businesses to Alabama.

Low Cost of Living

The cost of living in Alabama is much less than it is in many other States. If you stay out of the large urban centers in Alabama and stick with the small towns in rural areas then you may be absolutely shocked at how cheap it can be to live there. If you work from home and earn $4-$5,000 each month then you can live like a king in rural Alabama, especially if you just moved from New York City.

Crimson Tide

The Alabama Crimson Tide and other colleges and Universities in Alabama are very attractive to out of State students. The University of Alabama constantly attracts many students from all over the Country who come from a wide variety of socio-economic backgrounds. College is a big reason that many young people go to Alabama. Many adults are also attracted to the UAB and other colleges in Alabama for teaching jobs.

Military Bases

Many people get relocated to Alabama because of one of the many military bases there. Many of these military members would probably not have chosen to live in Alabama but they learn to love the State. Some of the military people will continue to reside in Alabama when they get out of the military because they like it so much. Redstone Arsenal is the top employer in the State of Alabama with over 25,000 employees in 2011.


Civil War History buffs love Alabama. Alabama is known as the “Heart of Dixie” and regardless of which side of the Civil War your ancestors were on, you can take pride in all of the history learning options that are available in Alabama. Civil rights history also has a lot of interesting museums and historical sites for people who are interested in this aspect of history. Alabama is loaded with all kinds of history and will keep any history junkie busy.


There is a lot fog rat fishing in Alabama. Bass fishing is extremely popular in Alabama and you can see some of the Bass Masters fishing tournaments take place in the Great State of Alabama. If you like to fish then a visit to Alabama is a must. If you love to fish then moving to Alabama may make a lot of sense to you after you have fished some of the many waters here.


Motorcycles are extremely popular in Alabama and there are multiple biker clubs you can ride with. On dirt roads the huge popularity of dirt bikes has many trails that are mainly dedicated to dirt bikes and ATV’s. If you live in Alabama outside of the larger cities and do not ride a motorcycle then you are seemingly in the minority because so many people appear to ride dirt bikes and street motorcycles here in this State.

Strong Work Ethic

The people of Alabama as a whole have a strong work ethic. This strong work ethic helps to attract many new businesses to the State. The average wages in Alabama are much lower than places such as San Francisco and even California as a whole, so the State of Alabama is very attractive to business looking to expand. Great workers with lower pay than other areas has helped Alabama attract countless new employers to the State.

Low Taxes

Income taxes and property taxes in Alabama are lower than many other States. If you move to Alabama from California or New York then you may be shocked at how astronomically low the taxes seem compared to the area you just moved from. Alabama helps to prove the notion that lower taxes helps to encourage people to move to Alabama and current residents to stay living in the State.

Cost of Living

Yes the wages in Alabama are relatively lower than some other States such as California but the cost of living is much less overall. The lower taxes combined with grocery stores that are much cheaper than places such as New York City will have you jumping for joy. Go ahead and fill-up that grocery cart because you can afford to when you live in Alabama.

Home Prices

Home prices tend to be higher in urban areas of Alabama, but even in the urban areas such as Montgomery the prices of homes are still very affordable. If you look at rural areas you will find that home prices are even cheaper. If you go really rural there are some extremely small towns in Alabama where homes can be bought for an extremely cheap price. Cheaper home prices are one of the reasons that help to attract a lot of new residents to Alabama. Alabama residents may make $10,000 less than the National Median in wages, but with everything else so affordable you may not even notice it and you could even feel like you are making more money.


Winters in Alabama are warm and much better than the cold winter snows of Northern Minnesota and Maine. If you are tired of driving in the snow, shoveling snow, and wearing snow boots all of the time then maybe you should consider moving to Alabama. Alabama is one of the coolest States because it can get chilly there, but the winters are much better than cold regions. It is common to only need a lightweight jacket in the wintertime as opposed to an Arctic fur lined parka like the Eskimos wear in Alaska.


Yes Alabama has beaches and a lot of coastline. The water is what attracts a lot of people to live in Alabama. If you like fishing, swimming, and all of the beauty that comes with having beach front then you can look to move to one of the towns located on or near the coast. Alabama is a pretty State, especially along the coastal regions.

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