What is it that attracts people to move to Arizona? Why do more people continue to move to Arizona? Here are some of the reasons people move to Arizona.


Old people that migrate to Arizona to spend their winters are called snowbirds. Snowbirds are a huge population of Arizona in the wintertime. These snowbirds will leave their hometown before it begins to get too cold and head south the towns such as Mesa, Phoenix, and Quartzsite, so they can spend winters in a warm climate. These snowbirds usually leave before the extreme temperatures of summertime hit. Snowbirds buy homes, property, and spend a lot of money in the local economy. Snowbirds are a huge key to the continued growth of the Great State of Arizona.

Universities and Colleges

Many young people move to Arizona to go to College there.  The University of Arizona and Arizona State are 2 of the most popular choices for young people attending college; however there are numerous other colleges also.

The Desert

The beauty of the Desert and the iconic “Desert Rat” lifestyle appeals to many people. Each year there are people who move to Arizona specifically so they can spend more time in and around the Sonoran Desert. For many the beauty of the Sonoran Desert begins with the iconic Saguaro Cacti that envelope the region.

Just because you may not like the desert Environment does not mean you cannot move to Arizona. On Northern Arizona there is cold weather and Snow. Northern Arizona can be vastly different from the hot summer Desert that many of us associate with Arizona.

The Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon continues a very popular tourist attraction. Some of these tourists who come to see the Grand Canyon fall in love with the State of Arizona and begin looking for a way to move there.


Many people in Southern California are getting tired of the constant smog and this encourages them to move to Arizona. If you move to Phoenix you will still have to deal with Smog. The smog in Phoenix is not as bad as it is in Southern California but it does continue to get worse each year as more people move there. The people who move to avoid the Smog in other areas generally move to a part of Arizona other than the Phoenix and Mesa area.

Pro Sports

It is nice to have so many spectator sports to watch in Arizona. The colleges provide a lot of top-notch sports of people to watch but the highlight of Arizona Sports would have to be the Arizona Cardinals of the NFL and the Phoenix Suns of the NBA.

Golf Courses

Avid golfers love Arizona. In Arizona you have the ability to play golf year round. There are countless golf courses in Arizona and each one provides a unique challenge. There are well over 300 different golf courses in Arizona.

Mountain Bike Trails

Yes you can ride road bikes in Arizona and they are very popular here; however the most popular cycling in Utah is the Mountain Biking. Some of the coolest and most unique mountain bike trails in the World are here in Arizona. You can find traditional Mountain bike trails that wind their ways through the hills and then back down as you ride along with a Saguaro Cactus on the edge of the trail. Mountain biking in Arizona is truly amazing.


Many people mention that they move to Arizona because they are getting tired of the constant earthquakes and tremors that occur seemingly daily in California. Southwestern Arizona can still get some minor quakes because they are close to California, but the rest of the State is relatively earthquake free. If you are tired or even scared of earthquakes then maybe you should leave California and move to Arizona. You will still be relatively close to your friends and family in California but not have to be there when the next “big one” shakes the State of California.


The Indian Gaming that has been started in parts of Arizona has helped increase not only the visitors to Arizona, but also the number of people that live here.

Spring Training

Spring training is a popular event in Arizona. Each year professional baseball spring training brings countless visitors to Arizona to watch the games, meet the players, and to speculate on the upcoming season with other fans. Spring Training is a huge boom to local industries and many permanent jobs are created in Arizona because of spring training for Baseball in Arizona. There are 15 different Major League Baseball Teams that have their spring training in Arizona each year.

Film Industry

Many films are made in Arizona each year. The rapidly expanding film industry in Arizona has brought many new residents to the State of Arizona each year. Arizona is working hard to promote and grow the film industry by marketing it as a much cheaper place to film then Hollywood. Over the years a lot of movies and show shave been filmed in Arizona. Arizona is also one of the most popular places for filming Western movies. There have been countless Western movies filmed in Arizona over the Years.

Mosquitoes and Flies

Arizona has mosquitoes and flies like every other State; however there are not near as many bugs flying in the air as in other States. If you are in Northern Arizona then you can expect to see more bugs, but for Southern Arizona’s it is a nice relief not to have to always be constantly slapping at black flies and annoying mosquitoes.

Arizona is a beautiful State and regardless of what type of climate you like or what hobbies you enjoy you are sure to be able to find it somewhere in Arizona. Arizona will continue to grow as more and more people are attracted to living in the beautiful State with an abundance of natural resources. You will still need a fly swatter, but you will not have to use it near as often.

Arizona(122005)Credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/aigle_dore/5951674127/