What are some of the things that cause people to move to California? It seems people always talk about how California is so congested, taxes are high, traffic jams suck, and the environment is not good for starting a new business. Regardless of all that people continue to move to the Great State of California. Here some of the top reasons why people move to California.

Medical Marijuana

Many people can benefit from medical marijuana. Some people simply want to be able to smoke marijuana legally and with a medical marijuana card they can do it legally under State law in California. Individuals who are tired of being persecuted for marijuana use have begun moving to and considering California for a move. Medical marijuana is a very popular reason that helps people move to California. Most people do not move to California for a single reason, but when they look at all of the positives they can see how happy they could be in the Great State of California where medical Marijuana is legal under State Law!


California Sea LionCredit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/mikebaird/513043255/

If you are from Iowa, Idaho, or some other State without an Ocean then the salty waters off the coast of California can be a very appealing reason to move to California. If you want to learn to surf then California would be a good place. The ocean is filled with recreational activities including body boarding and picking up on bikini clad women while riding a bicycle along the boardwalk. If you have never fished in salt water before then you will love fishing off of the piers in California. You never know what you can catch.

Climate and Weather

“It Never Rains in Southern California”. I know you know those music lyrics. Although this is not true because it does rain in Southern California, it can seem like it never does at the time. Yes it can get chilly and even cold in Southern California but you can also spot numerous people wearing shorts and flip-flops on Christmas Eve. Would you be caught wearing flip-flops and shorts in Christmas Eve if you lived in Northern Maine?


Yes there are jobs in California! The State has been hit with an economic set-back like the rest of the Country but there are still jobs available. If you look at Menlo Park, Silicon Valley, and San Francisco you will find a lot of tech companies that are expanding as well as new start-up tech companies. If all else fails you can start growing and selling marijuana as a medical marijuana provider under State Law.

Not everybody will find success in job-hunting in California. If you do not have a college degree or any specialty training then you should find a good paying job before you move out there. Living in California can cost a lot more than rural Ohio so it is vital that you ensure you can have a roof over your head and food in your fridge.


The gold strike that began at Sutter's Mill in 1848 is what brought a lot of people to California. There is not a modern day gold rush going on in this State but there are still people who come specifically to prospect for gold. Many Senior Citizens come to California each winter to spend their days in warmer weather then back home where they are from. Some of these senior citizens are very successful at prospecting for gold. They may only find $50.00 worth of gold each year, but they get a lot of exercise and have a lot of fun and too me, that seems like a very successful prospector.

Outdoor Sports

California is loaded with outdoor sporting activities. Some of the best Cycling in the United States is found in Northern California in Wine Country. In California you can find surfing, baseball, hiking, wakeboarding, and countless other sports. Sure you can do most of these sports in other States, but having the Ocean nearby opens up a whole new World to landlocked States such as Arizona. In addition the climate allows you to pursue all of these sports throughout the winter time. No need to put your bicycle away for snow when you live in Southern California.


If you are a racial minority it can often be hard to live in a neighborhood loaded with old white Republicans. Fortunately the State of California is very diverse and you can find communities where white is not leading the way.

Sea World and Disney Land

California has a lot of cool places such as Disney Land, Knott’s Berry Farm and Sea World. Obviously most people will not move to California specifically because of these places, but it can be part of your final decision to move to California so you can experience new and famous places such as this with your Children. You probably will not want to go to Disney Land every weekend, but if you do decide you want to then you can buy a season pass!


The California Lighthouse at Aruba's northwest tip in the CarribeanCredit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/davidstanleytravel/4901988814/

If you move to California you will have a lifetime of adventures at your doorstep. Seriously people, California is loaded with fun activities. Each weekend you can do something new such as visiting the Red Wood Forest, riding a cable car in San Francisco, touring a movie set at Universal Studios, or watching for famous people as you walk around rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. There is no limit to adventures in California!


Whether you are a Mormon, Catholic, atheists, or any other religion then you can find other people with similar views. If you are Muslim and live in Pocatello, Idaho then you will have more trouble finding other Muslims to be friends with then if you lived in a large California community such as Los Angeles. Religious freedom is more diverse in California. If you worship in a religion that is not very popular then you can find others with similar views in the larger communities of California.